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If you ever want to clear a room of mountain bikers either tell them you are out of beer or, better yet, tell them you want to talk about nutrition. Nutrition is one of those subjects that everyone knows is important but they can rarely muster more than a passing interest in it. One of the reasons for this is that...

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Connor Fearon is a young man living his dream. As a kid in Australia, he was inspired by guys like Sam Hill and Nathan Rennie to take up downhill racing and in a very short time proved himself able to stand on the podium with the best in the world. This last weekend saw a successful end to a great season for the...

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While riding your bike can look and feel like an elegant dance between you and the bike (or maybe not so elegant for some of us), when you break it down everything you do boils down to using a few basic movement patterns. It is how well you can combine and blend these movement patterns that allow you to create...

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  While I love to talk about the Catalyst Pedals and how they can improve your performance, confidence and overall fun on the trail I know I can be a bit biased. Nothing gets old as fast as someone telling you how great their products are. Which is why I love how many great reviews we’ve gotten from other...

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Earlier this week I shared a podcast interview I did with Finnish MTB coach Jukka Mäennenä. During the interview, we talked about the importance of mobility training for mountain biking and how he was using the CARS method with his riders. Jukka was kind enough to write a follow-up article with a demo video to...

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One of my favorite parts of my job is getting to meet and talk with other coaches who work with mountain bikers. While a lot of cycling coaches are still entrenched in the road riding mentality of training, there are some really smart coaches who are helping to push our sport forward. One of these coaches is...

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