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This month marks a big milestone for me - it’s the 2-year anniversary of the Catalyst Pedals! That’s right, it’s been 2 years since I sent out that first email letting people know about them and seeing if anyone would be interested in pre-ordering a pair. And while I was hoping to sell 100 pairs, we...

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In this episode of the BikeJames Podcast I go over the 4 basic physical qualities that make up your physical potential as a mountain biker as well. I also explain what the Specificity Spectrum is and how it applies to these 4 physical qualities as they relate to mountain biking. By understanding where you need to...

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As riders we are taught to take good care of our bikes. After all, we are relying on them to make it down the trail without falling apart and getting us killed so it only makes sense to make sure that they are working well. Part of this is doing some assessments of the bike from time to time. Simple stuff like...

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Over the last couple of years working with the Steel Mace I’ve been introduced to how important it is to be able to connect both sides of your body when pushing or pulling. Since the Steel Mace has an offset load that I’m holding with both hands, it forces me to counteract what I’m doing on one side with the...

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On Monday I sent posted a new podcast covering the science and the movement principles behind the mid-foot position and why it is the best choice for you on the bike. And while I think I did a pretty good job of starting to shed some real light on this discussion, there is one particular argument for being on the...

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Some people may wonder why I care so much about foot position on the bike. I mean, does it really matter that much? Can’t we just ride what feels good and call it “personal preference”? Well, foot position does matters…a lot. Your foot is constantly sending feedback to the brain and it plays a huge...

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