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Let’s face it – we’d rather have it all than have to choose. As kids we hated to have to pick something as simple as what to get for dessert and, while we learn to control it as we get older, that urge never really goes away. Deep down we’re all still that little kid who wants it all. We’ve all been in...

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Tomorrow I'm hosting another free webinar, this time going over the Top 3 Skills Training Myths. As always, I'm excited to share some great info but also nervous about doing a good job so that it makes sense. There is a lot of material to cover and I don't want to forget anything, which is why I'm working on the...

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One of the things I love about mountain biking is the blending of fitness and skill it requires. I’ve often described mountain biking as the love child between an endurance sport like distance running and an action sport like surfing, making it a unique sport to both participate in and train for. This is one of...

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Crawling is also some of the best core training you can do and works your body in ways that nothing else can. In fact, I'd say that if you aren't doing some sort of crawling then you have a huge hole in your program that is costing you when you ride. While it doesn't seem to have much carryover to the bike,...

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So yeah, I’m really excited about tomorrow. With over 700 people registered so far, the upcoming How to Ride Strong Into Your 40’s and Beyond webinar is my most popular webinar yet. I know that the tips I share are going to help a lot of 40+ year old riders better understand what they need to do to improve...

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I know I’ve mentioned it before but last December I turned 40 years old. As a kid I remember that I could see myself being 30-something but 40 seemed pretty old, almost like life was pretty much over at that point. I laugh looking back on it now because one day I woke up and I’m the “old guy”. And while...

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