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A great indicator of the health of a sport is how many kids are participating in it. Little athletes grow up to be big athletes and that means a steady stream of new people to keep the sport growing. [caption id="attachment_8970" align="aligncenter" width="420"] Photo credit: Dag Treck YouTube Channel[/caption]...

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I hope you had a great weekend and got some good rides in. I had the chance to try out the new DH trails at the local mountain just 45 minutes from my house last week, really excited about having some lift access trails so close to home. A few weeks ago I was interviewed by the podcast The New Standard Podcast...

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A couple of weeks ago I posted the replay from my webinar on the Top 3 MTB Skills Training Myths, and while I got a lot of great feedback on it I also know that not everyone had the time to get into and see everything I talked about. One of the myths I talked about is something I wanted to touch on today because...

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As a kid I remember that I could see myself being 30-something but 40 seemed pretty old, almost like life was pretty much over at that point. I laugh looking back on it now because one day I woke up and I’m the “old guy”. And while life is far from being over, at the same time I have to admit to myself that...

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One of the things I love about mountain biking is the blending of fitness and skill it requires. I’ve often described mountain biking as the love child between an endurance sport like distance running and an action sport like surfing, making it a unique sport to both participate in and train for. This is one of...

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Tomorrow I'm hosting another free webinar, this time going over the Top 3 Skills Training Myths. As always, I'm excited to share some great info but also nervous about doing a good job so that it makes sense. There is a lot of material to cover and I don't want to forget anything, which is why I'm working on the...

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