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Revealed – how to permanently fix the bad movement habits that are really keeping you from improving your mountain bike skills.

Learn why it isn’t “bad technique” that’s stopping you from improving your mountain bike skills and how you can quickly improve them by fixing the bad movement habits you don’t even realize are holding you back on the trail.

Quickly improve your performance and safety on the trail with the only workouts designed to integrate mobility, strength and skills drills.

One of the easiest ways to increase your performance and have more fun on the trail is to improve your technical skills. No, improving your skills doesn’t improve your VO2Max or Functional Power Threshold (or whatever number someone told you equates performance) but it does something that just training for “fitness” can’t.

Improving your skills allows you to move more efficiently on the trail, helping you maintain momentum and waste less energy. You’ll also stay more balanced and controlled on the bike, resulting in fewer “holy crap I’m going to die” moments, which will also waste less energy.

This all adds up to 3 things on the trail that help you ride faster, longer and with more confidence:

1 – Increased safety. Let’s face it, mountain biking is dangerous enough. Besides those times you purposely try something on the trail where things can get hairy, there are those times the trail just throws a random rock or root you don’t see coming your way. Knowing how to stay relaxed and balanced in more situations can help you come away with a grin and story instead of having to pick yourself up off the ground.

2 – Increased speed. The better your skills and body position the better you will maintain momentum. This means less speed lost and faster times on the trail.

3 – Increased endurance. Another benefit to better maintaining momentum on the trail is that you don’t have to pedal as much to make up for lost speed. This means you have more energy later into the ride so you can push harder or go further than before.

Besides these 3 practical reasons you also have the cool factor – having some skills and flow just feels and looks better. Watching a rider who knows how to flow is a thing of beauty and being one of those riders is something a lot of us aspire to.

What is really holding you back from improving your mountain bike skills?

Every year thousands of riders spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on videos, books and clinics to help them improve their skills. Riders also have access to countless hours of free videos and other resources on the internet as well, giving almost every rider a way to learn the secrets to better technical skills.

Yet despite all this information on how to do it, most riders still struggle to see significant and consistent improvement in their trail skills.

For a lot of these riders the problem is not needing to know what to do. They can tell you exactly what they need to do and may even be able to pull it off in a parking lot drill but being able to actually do it on the trail is another thing altogether.

For them the problem is being able to move like they need to in the first place.

The thing most riders don’t realize is that the real key to unlocking your technical skills on the trail is improving your movement off the bike. You have to be able to move the right way in the first place or you can’t apply it to the specifics of mountain biking.

In my experience of coaching hundreds of riders I’ve noticed that there are some basic movements that a rider needs to have command of before they can effectively execute a skill on the bike. No matter how much time and effort they put into improving a specific skill, until they could move well off the bike they struggled to do it consistently on the bike.

But once they improved the bad movement habits that were holding them back things clicked in a whole new way. They found that their trail skills didn’t improve just one but two or three levels.

You see, executing any skill on your bike boils down to being able to move in a way that allows you to maneuver the bike while staying balanced on top of it. And if you can’t move like you need to then you can’t stay balanced, plain and simple.

Like Mr. Miyagi in the original Karate Kid said – “Balance good, karate good. Balance bad, may as well go home.”

On the trail we’ve all had those days when it felt like we were trying to kill ourselves and we would have been better off just staying at home. Well, not really since a bad ride is still better than doing just about anything else but you get my point.

Usually when we have those bad days it is because our balance is off a bit. It doesn’t take much to throw off your balance on the trail, which is why it is important you really understand good body position and how to apply it to the bike in different situations.

But you can’t improve your skills if you have a fundamental movement or strength issue that is holding you back. Like I’ve pointed out already, it doesn’t matter if you know how to perform the skill if you physically can’t do it in the first place.

For example, your basic body position on the bike relies on your ability to do what is known as a “hip hinge”. This is just a fancy way of saying that you can bend over at the hips and not the lower back.

If this “hip hinge” movement pattern has problems off the bike – like if you can’t easily touch your toes – then odds are you can’t apply it efficiently on the bike. What this means is that when you try to get into a good seated pedaling position or standing Attack Position you will round too much at the low back, which will throw off your balance as well as decrease your stability and power in that position.

If your hips are tight and you weak then no amount of coaching can fix your bad body position. You need to use mobility and strength exercises that help change how you move off the bike and then skills drills to help you apply it to the bike.

Only with this integrated approach can you truly break the bad movement habits that are holding you back. You’ll finally be able to move like you need to in order to break through to another level of performance on your bike.

Improve your skills and fitness with the only workouts designed from a “skills first” perspective.

While all of my programs blend this strategy into the workouts, I’ve also created some specialty programs that focus on specific skills. These are a series of 4 week workouts that are designed to help you improve your skills through a concept called Focused Practice.

Focused Practice is all about helping you improve by focusing your strength training, mobility exercises, skills drills and rides on what you want to improve. Instead of just randomly training and riding and hoping it improves what you want, you take control by using a plan.

This concept of Focused Practice is very powerful when used correctly and has been shown to be one of the keys to improvement in books like The Talent Code and Talent is Overrated. What these books have shown us is that being able to focus on the right things during training is more important than “natural talent” for a lot of top performers.

To help you tap into the power of Focused Practice I design these programs a little differently. Instead of coming at your training from a “fitness first” viewpoint with some skills stuff added in, these programs focus on skill improvement first.

While you will get stronger and more fit from the workouts, the focus of every exercise and skills drill in each program is to help you move better in a way that supports a specific skill on the trail.

The 3 programs found in the MTB Skills & Fitness Bundle are extremely versatile workouts and are great for…

  • New riders who want to quickly improve their skills.
  • Riders new to strength training who want a simple, straightforward approach to working out.
  • Riders who want something to add to another fitness program to help them focus on a specific skill.
  • Riders who don’t race and aren’t as concerned about “fitness” as much as improving their trail skills and flow.
  • Riders who are looking for a simple in-season training program that will keep them moving efficiently without leaving them sore and tired in the process.
  • Riders who plan on attending a skills camp so they can walk in with the requisite movements and understanding to get the most out of the camps.

As you can see they are a perfect solution for a lot of riders who want to improve their performance on the trail. Because they help you improve by focusing on specific skills they work great as stand-alone workouts or as an addition to another workout program that doesn’t have a skills element already in it.

And while there are a lot of skills you can focus on as a mountain biker, I wanted to make sure that the MTB Skills & Fitness Bundle covered the Big 3 Skills that every rider needs to master:

  • The 4 Week Body Position Optimization Program. This is the “keystone” skill that underpins everything else you do on the trail. Once you really master it every other technical skill will be much easier to do. With this program you’ll change your posture and core strength so that you can support yourself in the most balanced position on the bike, greatly improving your efficiency, safety and flow.
  • The 4 Week Standing Pedaling Power Program. Learn how to turn standing pedaling from something you avoid at all costs to your “go-to” pedaling position on the trail. Most mountain bike riders think that standing pedaling is “hard” when it is really their bike set up, body position and core strength that is holding them back. With this program you’ll completely change your standing pedaling fitness and skills, resulting in more speed and fun on the trail.
  • The 4 Week Cornering Efficiency Program. Discover the simple secret that can quickly help you steer your bike through any type of corner with more speed and confidence. Learn the real reason that you can’t consistently corner and why it isn’t “bad technique” that is holding you back. With this program you’ll turn corners into one of your favorite parts of the trail while going faster and using less energy than ever before.
  • BONUS SKILLS VIDEOS & DRILLS. I’m also including a bonus skills clinic and drills covering manualing and bunny hopping your bike. You’ll learn how to easily lift the front end of your bike and then how to transfer that into lifting the rear wheel of your bike. These bonus videos show you the movements behind these high level skills and how to easily apply them to the bike.

When you have your body position dialed in and strong, you can stand up and pedal at will and you can flow through corners with more momentum and flow you’ll be able to handle just about anything the trail can throw at you. You’ll also have the foundation you need to start integrating the more advanced skills like bunny hopping into your riding.

“Hi James, I’m loving the series. Your linking of strength training, natural movement and riding technique really has opened doors for me.

I feel more stable, safer, am riding faster and able to generate more speed from pumping than before.It’s a big difference for me and I’d recommend the series to everyone.”

Each program includes everything you need to easily get started and using the workouts and drills, including…

  • Warm Up/ Mobility Drills picked specifically to help you improve your skill-specific range of motion so you can move more efficiently on the bike.
  • Strength Training Workouts designed to help you “stress proof” your movement so you can maintain better technique in rougher situations, higher speeds and with more fatigue. These workouts can be done using dumbbells or kettlebells and don’t require any special equipment.
  • Skills Clinic and Drills Videos to show you proper technique and how you can practice it both on and off the trail.
  • Video Demos for each workout, routine, skills clinic and skills drill so you know exactly what to do to get the most out of each program.
  • Coaching Cue Handouts you can print out with pictures and descriptions of each exercise, great for a quick reminder on an exercise during a workout.
  • Weekly Training Plans to show you how to integrate everything together for the best results.

The MTB Skills & Fitness Bundle has a lot of great workout programs and skills training info – $196 worth to be exact. But, like I said, I think they are workouts that everyone can benefit from and I want to get them into the hands of as many riders as I can which is why I’m making this bundle available for only $49.

Plus you get my 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – if these workouts don’t help you improve your skills and fitness on the trail just let me know and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

So that’s it…for less than a single new tire for your bike you can get 12 weeks’ worth of skills focused workouts that will transform your riding forever. These workouts are some extremely valuable tools to help you in the never-ending quest to ride with more speed, endurance and confidence on the trail.

Click on the Order Now button below to get your copy of the MTB Skills & Fitness Bundle for only $49 and start improving your mountain bike skills and fitness today.

Remember that while all of my workouts focus on improving your skill related movement, these workouts are a little bit different because they focus on just one skill at a time. By choosing the exercises that best improve the movements behind the skills you prioritize movement over fitness, which allows for faster improvements in those movement skills.

Combine these movement focused workouts with skills training tips and videos that help you apply that improved movement to the bike and you have a powerful 1-2 punch that will help you improve your skills and get more out of other types of skills training/ camps as well.

You also get my 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – if these workouts don’t help you improve your skills and fitness on the trail just let me know and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

So don’t wait, click on the Add to Cart button below to get your copy of the MTB Skills & Fitness Bundle. Each program has a manual, logs, picture and description of each exercise plus video demos of everything in the program, giving you everything you need to get started improving your mountain bike skills and fitness today for only $49.
The choice is yours…for less than a rear derailleur for your bike you can get a blueprint to help you unlock your skills potential on the trail. I think you’ll get a lot out of these workouts and I hope to get the chance to work with your through them.

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

MTB Strength Training Systems

p.s. The ancient Greeks had a word that I particularly love – Arete. Pronounced AR-UH-TI, in its most basic sense it means “excellence of any kind”. However, the ancient Greeks looked at excellence a bit differently than we do.

Instead of simply defining excellence by performance, they strove for a sense of grace as well. It was in the combination of both performance and grace that defined true excellence.

So what the hell does this have to do with riding your bike?

Simple – I strongly believe that the spirit of Arete is something we should all strive for, both on and off the trail. And on the trail nothing helps us with this more than investing time and energy into improving our skills.

Being able to flow gracefully up and down the trail is something that doesn’t just happen, it takes Focused Practice. And, by definition, Focused Practice requires more than just going through the motions, it requires thought and focus as well.

Being fit, strong and powerful on the trail is awesome but it never hurts to add some style and grace to your riding as well. Use the MTB Skills & Fitness Bundle to inject some Arete into your training and riding today.

Click on the Order Now button below to get your copy of the MTB Skills & Fitness Bundle for only $49 and start improving your mountain bike skills and fitness today.


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