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Discover how you can imporve your speed and endurance while dramatically increasing your confidence on the trail all with a single piece of exercise equipment no bigger than a bowling ball!!

Say goodbye to the gym and bulky equipment taking up space in your home and get ready to improve your fitness and skills in the comfort of your own home with only a KETTLEBELL!

Introducing the MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program…

Would you like to increase your speed, endurance and confidence on the trail without having to go to the gym or invest in a bunch of equipment to have at home?

Would you like a program that is easy to follow and doesn’t require hours and hours each week to stick with?

You’re about to discover a proven workout system that will improve your speed and endurance while dramatically boosting your confidence – all in less than 3 hours per week while using a single piece of equipment that can be stored anywhere.

But what happens when you combine this revolutionary piece of training equipment with the world’s most powerful and popular mountain bike training system – the MTB Strength Training System?

The answer is rapid increases in pedaling power, cardio and “flow” using the MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program.

You’ll be able to work out ANYTIME, ANYWHERE with the MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program wherever you choose – at home, in the yard, in a park – all while avoiding the hassles of the gym. Plus, you’ll get better results than all the fancy machines you’ll find in the gym can deliver – GUARANTEED.

As you know, MTB Strength Training Systems has helped thousands of riders around the world through online programs, articles and videos and it is known around the mountain biking industry through training columns for Decline Magazine and

Since 2005, MTB Strength Training Systems has been providing cutting edge training programs designed for the unique demands of mountain biking. I’ve trained 3 national champions and worked with Aaron Gwin for the first 3 years of his career, helping him become the first American to podium at a World Cup race in many, many years. I’ve also worked with the Yeti Cycles/ Fox Racing Shox team, giving me a unique perspective on what it takes to design a truly effective mountain bike specific program.

However, I have to admit that some riders are frustrated with the need to have access to a commercial gym or decently stocked home gym to do the workouts. My system, no matter how effective, just could not be followed by a rider with a limited budget or storage space in their home.

Heck, I have access to my own training facility and even I was wishing for an effective way to train at home on the days I was too busy to get in for a workout. Along the way I was introduced to kettlebells and I found the solution that I knew other riders were looking for as well. First, though, let me back up and introduce myself…

My name is James Wilson and I am a strength and conditioning coach who has been changing the way mountain bikers look at training for the unique demands of trail riding. With my help you are about to discover how a single piece of training equipment can help you improve your speed, endurance and confidence on the trail.

Just give me a few short minutes and you’ll discover how to improve your strength, power and cardio using nothing more than a kettlebell and your own bodyweight – you won’t even need a dumbbell, a stability ball or a piece of cardio equipment.

You’ll discover my proven mountain bike specific workouts and program that I’ve used to help riders from weekend warriors to World Cup pros significantly improve their riding…

But first I need to know…

  • How much frustration is being caused by not being able to figure out what to do to see an improvement in your riding?
  • How much time and money have you wasted on the empty promises of a new part, pill or workout program?

Do you know how fast you’d see a difference on the trail if you had a done-for-you kettlebell workout program that was created for mountain bikers? After years of frustration this is the workout program that is finally going to help you see the improvements you’re looking for.

Plus, you can do kettlebell workouts anywhere, anytime in less than an hour. The MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program is like nothing you’ve ever seen before and is the result of combining a proven training system – MTB Strength Training Systems – with a superior workout weapon – the kettlebell.

This combination is what a lot of riders have been looking for since it gives them the freedom to fit the workouts in around their unpredictable schedules.

Trust me, I know, because I’ve been using kettlebell workouts for years…and I know what its like to be extremely busy…after all, I have a kid, a training facility, an online business and I try to ride 2-3 times a week. Heck, I’ve stashed my kettlebell in the car on road trips – you never know when you’ll get a chance to train and the kettlebell lets you be prepared like nothing else.ADD TO CART

Unfortunately, the biking industry has convinced you that the answer to becoming a better rider is to invest in more expensive equipment or to follow a program designed for road riding.

And because so many riders have fallen for these lies, it has stopped millions of rider just like you from achieving the level of riding they want.

So you see, it’s not your fault that you’re struggling to take that next big step in your progression as a rider.

Its not your fault because you’ve been told over and over again – by magazines, bike shop guys, riders at the trailhead and in the forums – that you need to upgrade and pedal your way to becoming a better rider.

If you’re sick and tired of that lie, and frustrated with the lack of lasting results seen by that approach, then you’re going to be blown away by the results you’ll experience using the MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program.

If you want to dramatically boost your speed, endurance and confidence on the trail with a powerful workout program then let me show you how to get maximum results with only 3 short kettlebell workouts each week for the best mountain bike specific workout in your life.

If you can be open-minded to a radically different approach to mountain bike specific training, to one that involves far more than just pedaling a bike, you can experience the fastest improvements on the trail you’ve seen in years and ensure that your best days are just around the corner.

On the other hand, the worst thing you can do is dismiss kettlebell training as a fad…the last thing you want to be is too stubborn to give them a chance…I know, I almost made that mistake myself!

Now let me tell you about how I got into kettlebell training and how I almost missed out on their ride changing potential…

To be honest, I wasn’t easily convinced about the power of kettlebell training for mountain biking. I’m naturally pretty skeptical about new things, especially when they have a lot of marketing hype behind them. When I first came across kettlebells I ignored them since they were pretty much a “dumbbell with a different type of handle”.

However, over the years I noticed that a lot of coaches that I respected and looked to for training ideas were using them in their programs. Slowly, I started to realize that beyond the marketing hype was a tool that had some real potential beyond simply being a funny shaped substitute for a dumbbell.

Eventually I took the plunge and ordered a kettlebell – however, I made sure I could return it if I got it and didn’t think that it made much of a real difference.

But over time I too realized that some exercises associated with kettlebell training – like the swing and the Turkish Get Up – were delivering much better results than I had been getting while using dumbbells for the same exercises. My skepticism turned to acceptance and then respect for the power the kettlebell gave these exercises.

I also began to see the power of using kettlebell swings and snatches to increase my cardio capacity on the trail. When I finished with a hard set of intervals using swings or snatches I felt as if I had just got done with a hard trail ride – it was as close to hitting the trail as I could get without throwing my leg over a bike.

Eventually I decided to combine what I knew about mountain bike specific training with kettlebell training to create the perfect workout program for a lot of riders – one that doesn’t require any visits to a gym or equipment besides a single kettlebell.

Let me introduce the MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program!


ADD TO CARTBut why should YOU invest in the MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program?

I receive emails every week from frustrated riders who – just like you – want have an effective workout program that they can do without needing a lot of equipment. I get asked all the time when I am going to be coming out with a program that gives them the simplicity and freedom they are looking for.

Well, that day has finally arrived.

We both know how hard it is – almost impossible, really – to find workouts for mountain bikers that don’t require a gym membership or a bunch of equipment. It can be so frustrating! That’s why I’ve put these workouts together for you.

After all, it’s not your fault if you’re struggling to see improvements on the trail using a training program that you got from a muscle magazine, a general fitness website or, worse yet, a program that beats you up and leaves you too sore to ride. And everywhere you turn your being told that you need to upgrade something or spend hours doing extra cardio. But that’s NOT true!

That’s why I’ve created simple, easy to follow MTB Kettlebell Workouts for you.

These workouts can virtually change your riding overnight, dramatically boosting your confidence and helping you ride at a level that wasn’t possible before. If you are too busy for or just fed up with commercial gyms and ineffective training programs, well, you deserve better!

The MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program is available for you to try out and put to the test for a full 60 days, risk free.

And if you aren’t completely satisfied and riding like never before at the end of 60 days I’ll happily refund your money, no questions asked. If this program doesn’t help you ride faster, longer and with more confidence then I don’t deserve to keep you money – but I know that won’t happen if you put the workouts into action.

  • - But can’t I just use a dumbbell?
    Yes, you could but the best exercises for building leg power and cardio that can dominate whatever the trail throws at you are the swing and the snatch – two exercises that are much more effective when using a kettlebell. You won’t get the same effect or results using anything else.
  • - Is kettlebell training only for downhill riders?
    While downhill riders have a lot to gain from kettlebell training, it has something to offer every rider. Trail and XC riders will appreciate the ability to push a harder gear for longer and finding that technical terrain isn’t as challenging. This will mean that they are able to push harder and still have something left in the tank when they get towards the end of a long ride. Everyone who rides a mountain bike can benefit from kettlebell training.
  • - Are the exercises safe and the workout easy to follow?
    Yes. Kettlebell exercises will not only improve your performance on the trail but will often strengthen troubled lower backs. The workouts are easy to understand and follow with detailed pictures and coaching cues of each exercise.
  • - Will I need to buy a full set of kettlebells? Aren’t they expensive?
    No. All of the workouts in the MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program involve using only ONE kettlebell. As you progress you may want to invest in another one but it isn’t necessary for the program. Since you only need one, it is often less expensive than trying to get a set of adjustable dumbbells.

So, what do you get with the MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program?

The MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program eBook contains a 12 week workout program, plus you’ll get my Fast Start coaching program in which I go over the workout program plus answer several common questions people have about getting started.

The workout programs will progress you from Beginner to Advanced workouts. That’s 12 weeks worth of workouts that are done for you – no guessing about what to do in order to start seeing noticeable results.

You’ll also get my MTB Nutrition Guide in which I go over a healthy eating plan that will help you get the most out of your workouts. If you aren’t fueling your body optimally then your workouts won’t be nearly as effective.

You’ll also get the Coaching Cue Handouts for each exercise in the program, showing you what the exercise should look like and what coaching cues will help you get the most out of the exercise.

You don’t just get a list of exercises, sets and reps and then get left to struggle on your own with this program – I am there with you every step of the way. From the Quick Start coaching videos to the coaching emails I’ll be sending to check in with you, you’ll know exactly how to see the best results with the least amount of effort and headaches.

You’ll finish each session knowing – not hoping or wishing – but knowing that you are on the path to success and that you best days on the trail are just ahead of you.

ADD TO CARTLet me address the concern you may have…

“Will this work for me?”

That’s what every rider wants to know, from XC rider who wants to be able to be able to hang with the lead pack to the DH rider who wants to be able to stay strong all day on every run. And the answer is yes. And I have proof…

One of my favorite examples is Eric, who came to me after being denied his request for a pro license. He wanted to spend the off season training so he could earn it the next year. After spending 3 months following the kettlebell based workout programs I designed for him he earned his pro license – 3 races into the season! He was winning by so much in CAT 1 that he was asked to bump up to pro right away.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, how long you’ve been riding or what level you currently ride at – all you need are these kettlebell workouts and a willing attitude.

It’s the perfect Done-For-You mountain bike training system.

This program IS for you! These workouts are for every rider who is sick of being told that they need a new upgrade or to spend hours on a road bike.

I use kettlebells because when you run two businesses, have a family and need to squeeze riding time in, there just isn’t a whole lot of extra time to do long, boring workouts that don’t deliver where it matter most – on the trail!

That’s why I use kettlebells to help me increase my pedaling power, cardio endurance and skills on the trail. And that’s why my kettlebell workouts have been featured in Decline Magazine and and even endorsed by one of the world’s premier skills coaches, Gene Hamilton.

In fact, Gene (owner of Better Ride Skills Camps) was one of the first riders I introduced kettlebells to and he still uses them to help him stay on track with his training while traveling around the country teaching his skills clinics. Having experienced the power of the training program for himself, he recommends my program at every camp he teaches.

But what really matter is that you get 60 full days to try out the MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program entirely risk-free. I guarantee that these kettlebell exercise programs will work for you – FAST!

So I guess that brings you to one last question – “Should I invest in the MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program or should I wait?”

Well, I believe that everyone has the freedom to do whatever they want so I can’t force you to do anything or make any changes to how you are trying to improve as a rider. It’s a decision that only you can make.

But I can tell you why you should invest in this program this very minute for TWO important reasons.

- First, you can’t just wait this out and expect to see any improvements on the trail. After all, if you haven’t seen results from your current approach it isn’t going to suddenly start working. In 2 weeks you can be enjoying noticeable results on the trail…or you can be struggling with the same aspects of your riding that you are today.

- Second, you lose strength, power and cardio capacity as you get older. Sure, it doesn’t seem like a big deal right now but waiting three months to get started could mean that you are going to be digging yourself out of an even deeper hole which will slow down how fast you achieve your riding goals.

So those are just two of the reasons I know you’ll want to join me in using the MTB Kettle bell Conditioning Program today.

After all, you’re just like me – a busy rider who doesn’t have time to mess around with ineffective workout programs or busy commercial gyms. This means being able to improve your trail fitness in less than 3 hours a week in the comfort of your own home using a single piece of inexpensive exercise equipment. That’s all the time, space and money you’ll need to invest – but thanks to the power of these workouts it’s more than enough.

And if you’re struggling, if you’re frustrated and if you’re confused by all of the nonsense and gimmicks you see on infomercials or in fitness magazines, you’ve finally found the answer to your mountain bike training problems.

So don’t wait another second. Click on the Order Now link below to get your MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program so that you can use it to improve your speed, endurance and confidence on the trail today. And you’ll always have my support as you take control of your riding with the MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program – it’s only an email away.

And remember how quickly you’ll recoup this investment, simply from the time saved from going to the gym and the money saved on gym memberships and expensive home gym equipment.

If you’re serious about finally breaking free of the frustration of not being able to ride with the speed and confidence you desire then you must get started with the MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program today. Or you risk being weighed down by that frustrating forever.

ADD TO CARTYou have two full months to put the program to the test, and I’ll guarantee you won’t even need that long – in fact, you’ll notice the difference after the first workout.

If you’re not happy with your current level of riding and confidence and if you’re serious about dramatically increasing your endurance and speed on the trail then you’re in the right place and I strongly recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity today by clicking on the Order Now link below.

And remember, it would cost you $50-$100+ to go through a single workout with a personal trainer, and then another $100-$200 for them to design a workout program for you. But the 12 week MTB Kettlebell Training Program will give you proven mountain bike specific workouts designed for busy riders, all for less than the cost of a single training session.

If you lived in Grand Junction and came to train at my facility it would cost you $175 per workout to train with me, but if you keep reading I’ll reveal how you can get 12 weeks workout of workouts for only $37.

With your MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program package you’ll get…

  • -The MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program Manual: This manual contains 12 weeks worth of progressive workouts designed to help you improve your speed, endurance and confidence on the trail in record time. These workouts combine the proven MTB Strength Training System and kettlebells into the fastest, most convenient way to improve you riding. It has everything you need from training logs to demonstrations of every exercise in the program. (Retail Value = $147)
  • - The MTB KB Conditioning Video Demos: In these video demos I walk you through each workout, going over exactly how to perform each exercise. I show you how each exercise should look, tell you where you should feel them working plus go over common mistakes and how to fix them. I also explain how the exercises relate to specific skills we need on the bike, which helps you focus on those skills while training so you can ensure that the fitness you are building transfers directly to the trail. (Retail Value = $67)
  • - The MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program Quick Start Coaching Guide: This video program shows you exactly how to get started with the program package. Topics covered include: How to read the workouts; How to choose your kettlebell; What workout level you should start with; What to do when you’re done with the program and the answers to many more frequently asked questions. (Retail Value = $37)
  • - MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Coaching Cue Handouts: I’ve included detailed exercise demos for each and every exercise in the program. Knowing how to do the exercises is just as important as knowing how many reps to do and with these Coaching Cue Handouts you won’t be left wondering what each exercise should look and feel like. I designed these handouts for the pro riders I work with around the world and they do a better job explaining the exercises than most trainers. (Retail Value = $77
  • - The MTB Nutrition Guide: This guide will outline good eating habits and give you the tools you need to start implementing them. It will also cover supplements and let you know which supplement you should be taking to see maximum results. (Retail Value = $47)
  • - 30 Day Membership to my Inner Circle Website: Along with all of the supporting materials that come with the program you will also get a coupon code good for a free 30 day membership to my Inner Circle Website where you will have me serving as your personal guide and coach. You will have open access to me through the exclusive forum where you can ask me any questions you might have about how to get the most out of the program and even post videos of you performing the exercises so I can give you feedback and pointers. I also post monthly workouts and other training/ skills tips, making it the perfect “what’s next” solution for when you are done with the 12 week DB Combos Program. (Retail Value = $17)

The total value of this package is over $300!

You can get your copy of the MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program TODAY for ONLY $57 $37 – but only through the end of the month!!!


Click HERE to order TODAY!!!
Not only does the MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program give you the home workout plan you need to improve your fitness and confidence on the trail, but it also gives you the freedom so many riders are looking for today – the freedom to be able to get in a legitimate workout that targets the needs of a mountain biker without needing a lot of equipment.

I feel like this program is my chance to help riders around the world who have not had access to the time and equipment needed by my other programs. Finally, a program designed by a fellow mountain biker for the realities of both the trail and real life. I know that you want to ride faster, longer and with more confidence and with one piece of equipment, less than 3 hours a week and willingness to put in some work you can achieve that goal.

Its time to take control of your progression as a mountain biker. If you want to be a better rider then don’t wait for it to happen – take action and MAKE it happen. I personally guarantee that you won’t be disappointed in the workouts and nutrition info you’ll find in the program package – if not simply let me know and I’ll give you a full refund.

I won’t let you down when you invest in this program – that is my promise to you. I look forward to hearing about your stories about how the MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program has helped you ride faster, longer and with more confidence on the trail.
Ride Strong,

James Wilson

Author – MTB Kettlebell Conditioning

p.s. There is NO RISK at all for you to try the MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program. If you aren’t thrilled about the increases in speed, endurance and confidence on the trail in the first 8 weeks, just let me know and I’ll happily refund 100% of you order. If you don’t see results I certainly do not want to keep your money.

ADD TO CARTNOTE: The MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program is a downloadable exercise routine manual. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the exercise routine manual and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The exercise routine manual format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

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