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One of the biggest myths in the cycling world is the need to be on the ball of the foot on your pedals. We’re told that this leads to better pedaling power and agility on the bike so it’s easy to see why so many riders buy into this idea. But what if I told you that this foot position was not only worse for...

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One of the only constancies in life is change. While I’ve been a huge proponent for Kettlebell Swings I’ve come across an exercise that has made me question if it really is the best option for us as mountain bikers. To see why I’ve started using and recommending Indian Club Swings for building mountain...

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Welcome to the world of Steel Mace Training. Based on the ancient Gada, the Steel Mace is the modern version of a training tool that goes back thousands of years. Used by warriors and wrestlers throughout the centuries to build wrist and grip strength as well as upper body strength, mobility, and endurance, this...

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If you want to quickly improve your riding you need to work on your standing pedaling power and endurance. When you stand up you improve your power, almost all technical skills require you to get your butt off the seat and it is also better for your knees and low back. Unfortunately, though, most riders don’t...

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As a mountain bike coach I often wondered why there seemed to be a disconnect between foot position on the bike and foot position in the gym. For a sport where we “needed” to be on the balls of our feet, in 13+ years of training riders I never had someone lift that way in the gym to make it more sport specific....

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Foot pain is something that almost every rider deals with at some point.  And while the cycling industry has given us some solutions, the problems still don’t seem to get better on a permanent basis for a lot of riders. Sure, getting a bike fit or moving their cleats around can help the pain for a while but it...

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