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One thing that we take for granted is how much balance plays a role in our performance on the bike. You can be the fittest guy out there but if your balance sucks then you'll struggle to apply it and not spend half your time picking yourself up off the ground after crashing. Like anywhere else, balance on the...

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Improving your cornering skills is usually at the top of most rider's wish lists. It is a skill that can not only make you looks pretty cool but will also improve your speed and safety on the trail. However, the way that cornering is usually taught doesn't tell the whole story. With too much emphasis on the...

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Everyone knows that training hard is part of getting better. If you don't push your body past what it did yesterday then it won't have any reason to improve your fitness levels. But we also know that if you push too hard things can go wrong. Usually referred to as Overtraining, almost everyone reading this has...

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Spending some time getting stronger is one of the best things you can do to improve your performance on the trail. While nothing can replace riding your bike, there are 3 reasons that strength training will help you in ways that just riding your bike can not. 1 - It helps you work on tension skills that you...

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A few weeks ago I shared one of my favorite blog posts I’ve done over the years where I broke down how to Manual and Bunny Hop on Your Bike. I really like it because it was the result of a long, frustrating journey as I tried to figure out this elusive skill based on the “normal” advice, which didn’t seem to...

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A few weeks ago I was contacted by the website to see if I would be interested in coming on their podcast to talk about fitness training for mountain biking. It seems that a lot of their readers felt that fitness was something that was a problem for them - which is consistent with most rider’s...

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