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A few months ago I had an insight – my training had changed a lot since I had turned 40 and created my original 40+ MTB Rider Training Program. While still the only mountain bike training program geared for the realities of getting older, when I had created it I was just starting my journey into this uncharted territory. 

6 years ago I had started to realize that there was a limit to how much lifting heavy weights could do for you and that there was more to training than just your basic lifts like deadlifts and presses. Things like Crawling, Density Training and using isometric holds at the weak point of a lift were ways that I had started to deal with those problems, which is why you see them in the workouts of the 40+ MTB Rider Training Program.

But, like I’ve detailed in some recent podcasts and blog posts, that was just the beginning of some pretty radical changes that led to a completely different approach to training. Using Isometrics to get stronger and build High Tension Cardio while using Breath Holds to improve CO2 tolerance and a host of other cardio factors have replaced lifting heavy weights and doing hard intervals, which is not something I had foreseen.

This is why I’ve spent the last few months working on a training program that reflects these changes. Seeing better results in less time and with fewer aches and pains from training is something I figured some of my fellow 40+ year old riders would benefit from.

The thing is, if this new approach was just different then I might not be motivated to update the 40+ MTB Rider Training Program. I’m always experimenting with new things and most of the time they produce similar results to the programs I have already created. 

This is something different, though. This isn’t the same thing with a different twist, this is a much much different approach to the problem of getting stronger and improving your cardio on the bike. 

I don’t make changes like this lightly because I’m very careful about endorsing new things. I know that a lot of people trust me to help them figure out the best things to do when it comes to training for mountain biking, which leads back to why I’m creating this new program…

Simply put, I know that this is a better approach than what I was previously using. And to help make the decision to check it out as easy as possible, I’m offering a special deal during the release of the new program.

Get The 12 Week Program For Just $49!

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What Does the 40+ MTB Rider Program
Give You That No Other Training Program Does?

The 40+ MTB Rider Program is the only program that focuses exclusively on the needs of the 40+ year old rider.
It has everything you need to start riding and feeling better, including…

You don’t need any special equipment either
– all you need is your bodyweight and a large towel and you can get started today. If you have some kettlebells or dumbbells there is a program for them as well but either way, there is no excuse to try this program.


Plus, the program comes with a 90 day money-back-guarantee.  If you don’t see noticeable results in a few weeks then I don’t deserve to keep your money.

And you can get this entire program package for only $49…

Get The 12 Week Program For Just $49!

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If you’re a 40+ year old mountain bike rider then this is the program for you. Designed by a fellow 40+ rider who has over 20 years experience working with riders at all levels, it is the only program of its kind. With a unique approach to the problem of staying strong and fit as you get older, it will give you better results in less time, all while leaving you with the time and energy you need to enjoy your new fitness on and off the trail.

Again, I know this program and the approach I use isn’t for everyone. But if you feel like your current approach isn’t giving you the results you want then this is something you should consider. I’m also backing it with a 90 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

At the end of the day I just want to know that I’ve done my best to help my fellow riders avoid the pitfalls and struggles that I’ve had to work through. This has been the mission of MTB Strength Training Systems since day one and something that will continue to guide my decisions as I shift focus onto some different things that I’ve found to be beneficial. 

So I hope you’ll give me the chance to help you with the 40+ MTB Rider Training Program. For only $49 you’ll get everything you need to improve how you feel and perform both on and off the bike, plus you get a money back guarantee. Just click on the link below to get your copy today.

Until next time…
Ride Strong,

James Wilson – MTB Strength Training Systems

James Wilson

Get The 12 Week Program For Just $49!

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