Last week I wrote a blog post about what I learned at a Dan John seminar I had the chance to attend. One of the things I mentioned was an exercise called the Stick Windmill that I promised would really help your hip action when cornering. You see, I’m a strong believer that the reason […]


“Training ride” is a funny term – most riders tend to sell it short and not really appreciate all of the different ways they can use them to improve as riders. The most common use of the term is to describe a ride that focuses on improving a fitness component, with “cardio” or “endurance” being […]


One of the most common pieces of advice given to rider’s who want to improve their cornering is to “twist the hips” or “point your belly button where you want to go”. I know this because that is the advice I have been given and, in turn, have given to other riders. And while this […]


It seems that a lot of riders were pretty pumped on the 5 Movement Tips to Improve Your Cornering Technique article/ video I posted last week. I got a lot of great feedback from riders who were starting to see the importance of driving their cornering from their hips and not the bike. In my […]


Out of all the trail skills I work with riders on Cornering remains one of the hardest to pick up. The funny thing is, it isn’t because of a lack of “knowing” what to do, since there are a lot of great videos, books and camps that can teach you the technique behind it. Despite […]


Cornering remains one of the most common skills riders ask me about improving. The ability to maximize your momentum and speed in corners will help you go faster, save energy and look cool in the process, making it a very valuable trail skill. Being able to move your hips around the cockpit on the bike […]


On Monday I posted a podcast going over a plan to improve your riding 100% in 30 days and I got a lot of great feedback on it. However, while a lot of riders understood the message they were a bit confused on how to put it all together. I decided to the easiest thing […]

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