flats vs. clipless


A few weeks ago I had someone tag me in a discussion in the Ryan Leech Connection FB Group regarding his experience so far with flat pedals. While his question for me was trying to clarify why clipless pedals are bad for your knees (which they are no matter what bike fit you have) he also […]


Well, it’s happened again. Einstein once defined insanity as “trying the same thing over and over, expecting a different result” and that seems to be what is going on recently with several “Flats vs. Clipless Pedals” videos being posted lately. The other day yet another video pitting flats against clipless pedals made the rounds on […]


One of the more common reasons I hear from riders about why clipless pedals are better or needed is because they “connect” or “attach” you to the bike. However, I think that there is a difference between being “connected” to your bike and being “attached” to it. The two have nothing to do with each […]


Manifesto (noun): a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer. The Flat Pedal Revolution Manifesto is the result of a long and unintended journey. As a strength coach with a passion for mountain biking I never wanted to become a leader of the Flat Pedal Revolution, much less put together […]

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