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Since 2005 I’ve been using Kettlebell Swings in my own program and to help my clients ride faster, longer and with more confidence on the trail. And after 12+ years they are still one of my favorite exercises because they build mountain bike specific fitness in a very efficient way. First, they are a great […]


There are few exercises I like as much as a good kettlebell swing. For a mountain biker, few exercises can come as close to riding your bike on a tough trail as a hard set of swings. You’re working your back, core and grip while building strength and high tension cardio. Add in the fact […]


I love training with kettlebells. It doesn’t take long poking around on my site to figure that out and anyone who has been to my facility knows that I have more kettlebells than dumbbells. The unique benefits you get from them and the training methods used with them has really helped my riding and, through […]


While the kettlebell swing remains one of my favorite power exercises for mountain biking, the kettlebell snatch is right up there as well. In fact, since you have to power it all the way up over your head it actually takes more power to perform a KB snatch when compared to a KB swing using […]


As I’ve mentioned before the kettlebell swing is as close as you can come to a hard trail ride without throwing your leg over a bike. The movement patterns, the types of tension being used and the cardio benefits are all extremely helpful on the trail. However, it is also an exercise with a lot […]


The kettlebell swing is one of my favorite exercises for mountain biking for one simple reason – they are as close to a trail ride as you can come without throwing a leg over your bike. The hip action, core strength and grip strength demands of the swing are all very similar to what you […]

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