Low Back Pain


One of the most common complaints I hear about from riders is that their lower back gives them problems. It could be tight, weak, sore or even painful but on some level their low back is affecting how well they can move and ride. Over the years I’ve seen this problem just get worse as […]


Over the last decade or so of working with mountain bikers at every level, I have heard one question more than any other one – how do I get rid of my low back pain from riding? Low back pain is at an epidemic level on the trails and it is robbing a lot of […]


Low back pain while riding is one of the most common complaints I hear from riders. If you are doing your mountain bike mobility and strength training exercises on a regular basis you shouldn’t suffer from it often but sometimes even the strongest rider will start to feel it tighten up. While instinct may tell […]


Low back pain is a common problem with mountain bikers. Here is a simple 5 exercise routine I use to loosen up the hips and upper back so that the body can move freely at the hips and take the stress off the lower back. Here is the routine: – Hip Flexor Stretch X 5 […]

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