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Everybody loves a good core training exercise. A strong core can help you perform better and stay injury resistant, something every rider can benefit from. And while we’ve come a long way since the ‘80’s when crunches and side bends were the staple core training exercises, there are still a lot of core training exercises […]


They say that desperation is the mother of invention and I totally agree.  For example, a while back I ran into this when I didn’t have an Ab Wheel for my kneeling rollouts. After thinking about it for a few minutes I finally decided to try it without the Ab Wheel and realized that I […]


Few movements are as important to us on the bike as having a good hip hinge. Being able to shift your hips back and letting your chest come down while keeping your core strong is essential to having a strong, efficient seated pedaling and a balanced Attack Position. However, it can be very easy to […]


Whenever I mention using Loaded Carries to a rider when they ask about the best mountain bike core training exercise I usually get one of two responses. The first is a blank stare – loaded what? The second response is a glimmer of recognition, followed by “you mean like carrying heavy things like you see […]


I came up with this exercise at home the other day because I didn’t have an Ab Wheel for the ab rollouts I had planned. I decided to try it without the Ab Wheel and realized that I actually like this exercise better as a mountain bike core training exercise. I call it the Kneeling […]


For a mountain biker, building a strong, high performance core for the demands of riding for hours on grueling trails requires a smart, multi-pronged attack. You want a core that is able to connect the upper body and lower body, resist twisting and be able to coordinate with the hips for lateral movement around the […]


Around this time of year I start to rely a lot of bodyweight training. While I still get into the gym a couple times a week and lift some heavy stuff to keep me strong, I find that my joints don’t like too much of that stuff. I put a lot of stress on my […]


I recently started taking some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes and as part of the warm up we do some pretty cool core training exercises that are unique to the sport. I’ve got a pretty strong core (a TGU with 106 lbs. is proof of that) but these three exercises had my core working in some […]


Since posting some videos on different Ultimate Sandbag Training exercises for mountain biking I have been getting some really good questions about them. I wanted to take a second to address them because I think that a lot of riders might have similar questions which might stop them from trying sandbag training for themselves. Rotating […]


When you really understand how exercises work movement patterns and not muscle groups you can see how everything you do is really core training (or whatever else your weakest link is)… You can visit to download the MP3 file or if this link is not working. -James Wilson-


I just posted a new demo page for a core activiation routine I recommend for every rider. It includes a video demo, pictures and coaching cues. You can even download an IPod video as well. You can find this new exercise demo page here: -James Wilson-

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