Join me this Friday the 7th at 10 am MT for my new Riding For A Lifetime Webinar and take advantage of my experience and insights from 15+ years of working with thousands of riders at all levels. I’ve seen what works and, more importantly, what isn’t sustainable for a lifetime of training and riding.

In a fitness and cycling culture that is enamored with youth, what the “pros” are doing and what looks good on Instagram it is easy to get confused. But there is a difference between what works now and what works over the long haul. Aches, pains and time off from an injury isn’t “normal” and if you’re tired of having to choose between not training at all and feeling like your beat up all the time then this webinar is for you.

Based on the 3 Pillars of the RFAL Lifestyle & Training System, you’ll learn about…

Sustainable Training – What are the 4 Tension Skills and How They Should Impact Your Workouts

Sustainable Riding – What Common Advice Is Behind 99% Of Your Pain And What You Should Do Instead

Supportive Lifestyle Skills – Why You’ll Never Create Sustainable Change Without The Right Lifestyle Skills To Support Your Efforts (As part of this I’ll be covering some of the new breathing techniques I’ve been using to help me perform better and recover faster)

This webinar will consist of 90 minutes of presentation and 30+ minutes of Q & A at the end. You’ll also get the replay link sent to you plus the notes from the presentation.

In order to give everyone the best experience possible I am limiting the number of people who can register to 20. It costs $97 to register and that includes a 3 month membership to the new Riding For A Lifetime Group Coaching Website (an $87 value).

BONUS – In addition to the webinar, you’ll also be able to take part in a 12 Week Training & Lifestyle Course designed to help you implement everything you will learn in the webinar. As part of this you’ll also get a new workout sent to you every 4 weeks that will use the methods covered in the webinar. Each week you’ll also get a new training or lifestyle lesson plus some simple homework to help you put what you learn into practice.

If you want to register for the webinar this Friday then click here to sign up and reserve your spot. Once you register you’ll get a confirmation email and then the link to the webinar will be sent to you on Thursday.

Let me know if you have any questions but remember, space is limited so don’t wait too long if this is something you know can make a positive impact on your training, riding and life.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

p.s. Just to be clear, when you sign up you’ll be getting…

1) Exclusive access to the 90 minute webinar this Friday, which includes 30+ minutes of Q&A at the end. You’ll also get the webinar replay link (which is a good option if you can’t make the live webinar) plus the notes from it as well.

2) A 3 month membership for my new Riding For A Lifetime Group Coaching Website, where I post new workouts, riding tips and lifestyle skills, plus you’ll find a members only forum where you’ll have direct access to me for all your training and riding questions.

3) The new 12 Week Training & Lifestyle Course, which includes a 12 week training program plus weekly lessons and some homework to help you implement what you learn in the webinar.

There are only 20 spots open so don’t wait, click this link to sign up and reserve your spot now.

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