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In this pack, you’ll get access to my most comprehensive program, the Ultimate MTB Workout program. It includes the following:

  • Warm Ups & Mobility Training – There are several mobility routines for you to use and all of them include an explanation of how to best use the different routines.
  • A full year’s worth of Strength & Conditioning Workouts – Covering everything you need to perform strength and conditioning workouts in the program, including workout logs, exercise demos, weekly training schedules and instructions on how to use the logs as well as access to video demos of the routines. I also include my recovery tracker to help you keep track of your training and see how well you are recovering from it.
  • On Bike Energy Systems Development Workouts (a.k.a. Cardio Workouts) – These will compliment the cardio workouts you do as part of your strength and conditioning workouts. They include 2 off-season training blocks (each being 8 weeks long) as well as an in-seaons peaking lock for a total of 24 weeks worth of cardio workouts. These are geared towards the specific demands of your riding discipline (Enduro Racing – Trail Riding, XC Racing, DH Racing).
  • Nutrition & Supplement information – Learn the basics about how to fuel and recover from your training program. I’ve included a 7 day meal plan, handouts I use with my clients, as well as a manual explaining basic nutrition and supplements, as well as race day / performance nutrition tips.
  • Skills Training Resources – This is the most unique part of the program and what really separates it from any other mountain bike training program out there. Covering the basic trail skills like Body Position, Seated Pedaling, Standing Pedaling, Cornering and Manualing/ Bunny Hopping, this program will give you the info, drills and videos you need to ensure that you are riding with efficiency and style on the trail.
  • Mental Training Resources – This can make a huge impact on your performance. In the program, you will find the techniques I recommend to my riders to help them maintain a calm, focused mind so they can perform their best when it counts. These simple but powerful techniques can help you ride and race more consistently as well as be able to identify mental barriers that may be holding you back.

As you can see no stone has been left unturned in my quest to bring you the most comprehensive and effective mountain bike training program ever. Backed up with almost a decade of experience working with riders at all levels and you know it is the real deal.

The Atomic Strength program uses Isometric Training, a forgotten training method that has several benefits for us as mountain bikers, to help you quickly and safely build strength and cardio in less than 20 minutes per session. It is also the perfect way to get your training underway if you are not able to make it into the gym due to time or social restrictions.

With this simple investment, you will have the resources to be well on your way to riding harder, faster and with more confidence on the trail during the coming New Year.

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