When I first started this newsletter 15+ years ago, I never thought I would be sitting here writing an email about helping riders stuck inside due to a global pandemic. But, with pretty much everyone in the world being affected by the Coronavirus in some way that is what I find myself doing.

First, the best bit of advice I can give you comes from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. No, not the advice to always bring a towel, but the advice to Don’t Panic

Of course, you already know this. As mountain bikers we’ve stared down tough situations on the trail before and if there is anything experience has taught us, it’s that staying calm is the only way to get through it. Panicking only leads to tunnel vision and getting stiff, both of which can lead to disaster.

Second, you want to make sure that you focus on what you can control about your training and riding. If your normal routine is being disrupted then figure out the best you can do with what you have.

Like I tell my clients, there is optimal and then there is reality. Your job is to optimize your reality.

To this end I wanted to help out anyone who needs a good workout they can do at home to help them maintain and even improve their MTB specific fitness. Plus, staying healthy is one of the best things you can do to personally help with the crisis so keeping your fitness routine going is as important now as ever before. 

With this in mind, I’ve put together a package of 3 of my best home workout options for you to download for free. You don’t even need to give me your email or anything, just click the links below to download the full programs:

No Gym No Problem Bodyweight Program

15 Minute Trail Rider Solution

MTB Mobility Manual & Follow-Along Routines

Just click on the name of each program to download them for free. And remember that I’m here if you have any questions about keeping your workouts going and making the best of your current situation. 

Helping riders is just what I do and, while I know this isn’t much in the face of what a lot of people are dealing with, I hope that this can help you out in some way. 

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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