My favorite addition to my bodyweight training over the last year is definitely the Bodyweight Flows. Something about getting down on the ground and crawling around is challenging, fun and enlightening all at once.

First, it is surprising how hard it is to do these things. You look at them and you don’t think it will be too tough and then you end up huffing and puffing from simply moving around on your hands and feet. You end up using muscles you didn’t know you had and using old muscles in brand new ways.

Despite it being hard they are also really fun. They feel like “playing around” more than a serious workout. As you get better and can flow better with them you can really start to have some fun mixing them together.

And while you’re doing them you are learning a lot about yourself and how to control your body. You realize pretty quickly where you need to improve in mobility and/ or stability.

Altogether they are a really valuable addition to your training program, which is why I’ve included them in the new No Gym, No Problem Workout Program. Check out the video below to get a look at the Phase 1 Bodyweight Flows from this new program.

If you like them, click here to learn more about No Gym, No Problem Workout Program v2 which includes 6 more Bodyweight Flows.

I recommend setting a timer for 2 minutes and “playing” with a Bodyweight Flow until the timer goes off. Set it again and practice the next Bodyweight Flow before finishing up with 2 minutes on the last one. As you get better you can go longer and combine Flows together as well.

-James Wilson-



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