Nothing kills the momentum of your riding season like getting hurt.

And while some injuries are unavoidable, a lot of injuries that mountain bikers suffer from can be avoided. This is especially true if the injury is an ache or pain that gets worse until you have to take time off.

The low back is a great example of this. The vast majority of low back pain out there didn’t come from a hard wreck. It came from a general low back discomfort progressing to pain.

And while the low back is the most common example of this, the same holds true for shoulders, knees and hips. If you’ve been popping Advil to get you through a ride because of pain in these areas odds are you don’t have to be suffering.

A lot of what causes aches and pains like this are tight muscles causing movement dysfunctions which lead to overuse injuries. In other words, if you have an area that is tight and isn’t able to move freely, it puts a lot of stress on other areas, which leads to the problems.

This is why I put so much emphasis on mobility and movement quality in my training programs. If you don’t move well it is only a matter of time until you get hurt so it has to be a priority.

Helping riders apply this to their own training is why I created programs like the Low Back Pain Solution and the MTB Follow-Along Mobility Videos. They help you move better, which helps you feel and perform better as well.

Since this is the time of year that a lack of mobility starts to rear its ugly head and threaten to bite you in the butt I wanted to help out by putting together an Early Season Tune Up Bundle, which includes 3 of the best programs for getting and keeping things headed in the right direction:

1 – The 30 Day Low Back Pain Solution. This is a 30 day plan to help you move better AND apply that better movement to your bike. By connecting your off-bike training with specific on-bike skills and strategies you can see a huge improvement in your low back pain in just a few weeks.

2 – The MTB Follow-Along Mobility Videos. This is a collection of follow-along mobility videos created for mountain bikers. With routines that focus on different problem areas like the shoulders, hips or knees AND routines that focus on specific skills for your riding (a Cornering Focused Mobility Routine anyone?) this is a resource you’ll use for a long time.

3 – Ramping Isometrics for MTB. OK, so this isn’t exactly a “mobility and movement” focused program but your isometric strength plays a big role on your ability to maintain good movement as you push harder. Being able to maintain good posture and breathing as you ramp up the tension with this program teaches you to maintain those things better on the trail, which helps you stay strong and efficient with your riding. Plus, it’s a great in-season program and makes a good follow up to the Low Back Pain Solution.

And right now you can get all 3 programs for only $19. That’s 60% off the price of this bundle if you bought these programs separately, but it’s only available through this weekend.

Click Here to Buy The Early Season Tune Up Bundle for only $19

Don’t wait until you have to take time off to address any nagging problems. Taking a proactive approach with the programs in this bundle will help you avoid unnecessary injuries while also helping you ride faster, longer and with more confidence on the trail.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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