I posted a podcast a while ago going over a plan to improve your riding 100% in 30 days and I got a lot of great feedback on it. However, while a lot of riders understood the message they were a bit confused on how to put it all together. I decided to the easiest thing to do would be to show you an example of how you could put together a plan to improve your ability to carve corners.

First, you need to have Mobility Exercises, Strength Exercises, Skills Drills and Technique Rides that focus on the specific movements you need to corner with more speed and confidence. Here are some examples of things your could include in each area:


Frog Stretch

5 Minute Mobility Routine



Top 3 Exercises for Stronger Cornering


Skills Drills

3 Steps to Faster Corners: Cornering Cone Drills


Technique Rides

The Missing Link Between Training and The Trail


Every day you should do something on this list. Those mobility drills should be part of your warm up. At least 1 of those strength training exercises should be in your workout every time you workout. You should schedule 15-20 minutes of cone drills a couple times a week. Every time you ride you should be putting it all together on the trail.

It really is that simple. Follow this plan for 30 days and I guarantee that your cornering will have improved a lot, probably 100% or more for some of you. It is very empowering to realize that you be the rider you want to be – the power truly is in your hands.

Hope this makes helps make more sense of how to apply this program to riding, knowing how to blend those elements into a program that produces specific results on the trail is the art of program design.

-James Wilson-

2 thoughts on “30 Day Program to Improve Your Cornering 100%

  1. Carmine says:

    Great video, I will like to ask…

    For fast corners that needs to keep pedaling what is the best way to fast cornering…?

    • James Wilson says:

      You’ll want to follow the technique points in the video while pedaling, but just understand that there’s going to be a little bit of a different application. Overall though it’s generally the same thing.

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