I’m kind of a home-body.

I mean, I’ve got everything I need at home.

My family, my dog, my bike and my gym.

But sometimes I have to travel and get out of that comfort zone.

Like today…I’m waking up in Bend Oregon.

I’m here to present at the Venture Outdoor Worx conference, where my pedal company Pedaling Innovations is up for a prize for what we’ve done with the Catalyst pedal so far.

And while Bend is a beautiful place and I’m stoked to be here, I also have to find ways to keep up with my daily strength and mobility practice.

Investing an hour a day in taking care of your meat sack should be a priority for everyone, especially since you only get one of them to get you through your whole life.

I also have to account for a new twist, which is that I am now addicted to using Air B-n-B when I travel and I’ve yet to find one with even a basic gym.

In the past I could at least get a few dumbbells and have a dedicated space to workout but that isn’t the case when you’re renting a room.

Which means that even though I am relatively limited on space and equipment I still have access to two of the most valuable things – bodyweight and breath work.

Using just these two things you can actually put together a super effective workout.

In fact, here is what I have planned for this today…

Marching Breathing Ladders

Bear and Crab Marches

– Jog to the park and see what I can find to play on

– While at the park I’ll throw in some Push Ups, Pull Ups, Bridges and Squats along with trying to find some things that make me jump, hop and duck. Maybe throw some rocks if I can pull it off without looking too crazy…

This workout will take me about an hour and will cover a lot of the movement and fitness bases I need to cover.

Plus, it should be a lot of fun, which is something we should remember to take into account every now and then as well.

The point is that where ever you go, there you are and you can always find a way to do something.

Keep things simple, focus on what you can do and have fun.

Words to live by when traveling and at home.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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