I hope post finds your riding season going well so far. I’ve been having a bast hitting the trails on my new Devinci Troy trail bike. Nothing like a new bike to motivate you to get out and put your fitness to good use.

Z and the Troy
My little boy Z checking out the new bike

I was also able to drive over to the Crested Butte Bike Park yesterday for their opening weekend. It is only 2 ½ hours away from my house and has some really fun downhill and jump trails. Psycho Rocks is my personal favorite and, as the name suggests, it can put a pounding on you. I was glad I had been doing some deadlifts or else it would have hurt a lot more.

Wall Ride CB
One of the bigger wall rides at CBBP

But while I’ve been hitting the trails a lot so far this season, I still know that the key to sustained improvement to answer the most important question of all this riding season…

How do you plan to offset the negative side effects of all the riding you are doing while maximizing the physical qualities you need on the trail?

Last week I went over the 3 parts of an In-Season Training Program and showed you how I answer that question. While I encourage you to check out each video and post for more details on in-season Cardio, Strength and Mobility Training strategies I’ll summarize things for you…

Your cardio is dependent on 1) not doing too much extra cardio training and interfering with your ability to ride hard on the trail and 2) your strength levels, which reflect your ability to shift into High Tension Cardio mode efficiently.

Your cardio and strength levels are also directly dependent on your mobility levels. At the heart of everything you do on the bike is a fundamental movement pattern. Inefficiencies in those movement patterns 1) rob us of strength and power while 2) wasting energy and 3) setting us up for overuse injuries.

So, working backwards we want to make sure we keep our mobility levels high and movement as efficient as possible. This will make sure we don’t suffer an avoidable overuse injury and that we aren’t wasting any precious energy on the trail.

We also need to keep our strength levels high so we don’t start to burn through a lot of energy when we shift into High Tension Cardio mode. Even though you feel your cardio system giving out, being efficient at creating tension reflects how efficiently we use that cardio throughout the range of demands we place on it when trail riding.

And we also need to focus our cardio training on making smart use of trail rides. This means limiting extra cardio so we don’t go into trail rides tired from training. It also means focusing our trail rides and cardio training on the paces and times we want to use when we race instead of just plodding through hours of unfocused riding and cardio training each week.

But, like I mentioned last week, getting an In-Season mountain bike training plan that balances everything the right way isn’t always easy to figure out. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years and it has taken me a while to figure out that balance for myself and my clients.

And while a lot of you may already have some sort of plan to help you ride strong all season long, I also know that some of you are looking for something to help you meet the specific demands of In-Season Training this time of year.

If you’re one of those riders looking for an extra edge with your In-Season Training then I wanted to let you know about a new In-Season Training Bundle I have put together. This bundle includes everything you need to best balance your cardio, strength and mobility training this riding season.

In it you’ll find…

– The MTB Mobility Follow-Along Routines. In this program you will find 6 mobility and 3 yoga follow-along videos. They are designed to address the specific needs of the mountain bike rider. It will help you address problem areas to reduce pain as well as increase you overall mobility to improve your performance.

– An 8 week In-Season Strength Training Block. This program includes two 4 week programs, giving you an 8 week training block. These workouts are designed to support your strength endurance needs during the riding season. They will help you maintain – or even improve – your strength levels without leaving you too sore and beat up to ride the next day.

– An 8 week ESD Cardio Training In-Season Peaking Block. I’ve also included the 8 week peaking block for Enduro Racing-Trail Riding, DH Racing and XC Racing. Taken from my Energy Systems Development workouts, these 8 weeks blocks will help you put an edge on your cardio fitness while minimizing fatigue so you can ride strong where it really counts – on the trail.

– Weekly Training Plans. You also get weekly training plans for Enduro Racing-Trail Riding, DH Racing and XC Racing showing you how to best combine your trailing riding with the program. Included I the Weekly Training Plans is advice on how to tailor your trail rides to the type of riding you do, helping you turn your trail rides into the most effective cardio training you can do.

As you can see I cover all the bases with this In-Season Training Bundle. Sold separately these programs would run you $107, but as part of the In-Season Training Bundle you can get it all for only $39.

Plus you get my 60 day money back guarantee so have nothing to lose but minutes off your best riding times.

However, this special $39 price is only available for a short time – after this weekend the In-Season Training Bundle won’t be available and you’ll have to purchase everything separately for $107.

So if you are looking for a program designed to balance in-season riding and training then click here to order the In-Season Training Bundle for only $39 before it goes away next week.

Thanks again for the chance to help you enjoy riding more through my articles, videos and podcasts and I hope this new In-Season Training Bundle is able to help build on the results you’ve seen so far.

Have a great week and until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

MTB Strength Training Systems

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