In my recent blog post about the Value of a Bike Fit for Mountain Biking I had some great feedback from riders who had also found the traditional approach to bike fits lacking in real, long term solutions to the common problems riders seek them out – namely pain and performance. However, I also heard from some riders who were still confused about the exact role of a bike fit and why the way you move off of your bike needs to be addressed before “fitting” the way you move on the bike.

While I linked to it in the blog post I want to highlight this groundbreaking interview I did last year with Greg Choat, co-owner of  Las Vegas Sports Performance and is one of the top bike fit professionals in the world – yes, I said a bike fit guy! I ran into Greg at a Functional Movement Screen Lv. 2 seminar last year and found out that he actually shares my feelings on the subject. After hearing more about how he uses the FMS to enhance his bike fits I knew that I had to get him on the podcast to talk more about it.

In this interview we talk about how the FMS has changed how he views and uses bike fits, how our everyday lives affect the dysfunctions we bring to bike, how those dysfunctions affect how we perform on the bike and why the bike industry in general has missed the boat on applying functional movement to the bike in favor of marketing hype.

We also talk about pedaling technique and why strength training, especially the deadlift and swing, are essential to building a strong, efficient pedal stroke. Grip strength and neck pain come up as well – in short, we cover a lot of ground and this is a “must hear” podcast from one of the top cycling coaches in the industry.

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-James Wilson-

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