As a kid I remember that I could see myself being 30-something but 40 seemed pretty old, almost like life was pretty much over at that point.

I laugh looking back on it now because one day I woke up and, at 43, I’m the “old guy”. And while life is far from being over, at the same time I have to admit to myself that things certainly aren’t the same.

By the time we hit 40 a lot of us have some wear and tear going on. Maybe it is from a previous injury or maybe it’s just time catching up with us but either way, finding a way to improve our strength and power on the trail without aggravating injuries in the process is important.

For a lot of us the priority also shifts from “ride fast at all costs” to being able to “ride for a lifetime”. The strategies that helped fuel our inner-madman (or madwoman) in our 20’s and 30’s just aren’t sustainable if you want to ride into your 50’s, 60’s and beyond.

This means that you need to modify your approach to training as you move into the 40+ year old category. But the reality is that most training programs for mountain bikers aren’t created with unique group in mind and instead focus on riders who mainly interested in improving their racing or Strava times.

Sure, you can improve your performance as well but the focus has to be different as you get older. There is a difference between training to improve performance in the short term and training to stay healthy and durable for a lifetime.

Through my own experience I’ve found that there are some important things you can do to keep riding strong while staying healthy and durable. I’ve learned a lot of these lessons the hard way, making mistakes that left me sore, tired and broken…mistakes I hope I can help you avoid.

These lessons include…

#1 – Use Density Training to stress the body without placing a lot of load on sensitive joints. Most of us think of adding weight and/ or reps to make a workout harder but you can also improve your fitness by manipulating the time factor.

#2 – Focus on Efficiency, not chronic Cardio Training. More isn’t always better, especially when it comes to cardio training.

#3 – Learn how to work with your body and expand your 80%. Smashing up against your 100% all the time is a sure way to burn out and get hurt.

#4 – You’ve got to crawl like a baby to ride like a man (or woman). If you struggle to crawl then you lack some basic core strength that even babies possess.

#5 – Mobility is the key to staying young. Getting stiff makes it harder to move on and off the bike.

The 40+ MTB Rider Program is the only program that is based on these lessons, focusing on the needs of the 40+ year old rider. It includes everything you need to start riding and feeling better, including…

1 – A complete 90-day workout program with training logs, pictures and descriptions of each exercise, warm ups drills, video demos, a weekly training plan and a video overview to show you how to put everything together.

2 – A 90 day skills training plan to compliment the strength and mobility workouts and help improve your efficiency.

3 – Three Ride and Reach yoga videos designed for mountain bikers by Ryan Leech.

4 – Nutrition and Supplement Info to help you fuel your training and riding.

5 – Stretching Manual to keep you flexible by giving you targeted stretches for each area of the body.

6 – Training and Recovery Tracker to help you better manage your energy and know when it is alright to push on the gas pedal a bit more and when you need to back off to avoid overtraining.

You don’t need any special equipment either – any gym should have what you need and if you train at home you can get by with just a few dumbbells or kettlebells.

And you can get this entire program package for only $19…but only through the end of the week. That’s 50% off this ride-changing program that can keep you riding strong now and lay the foundation for helping you ride better for a lifetime.

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Being able to ride at the highest level possible is the goal for all of us. You just need to find the right fit for your current goals. If you’re a 40+ year old rider who needs a program that will help you feel better on and off the trail then get click the link above and get the only program made with your goals in mind.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

MTB Strength Training Systems

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