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2021 February Bundle – Huge savings on three programs!

The 2021 February Bundle is here! Save big on 15-Min Trail Rider Tune-Ups, Time Crunched Trail Rider Solution, & MTB Mobility Follow-Along Routines. Click HERE to purchase now. In this pack, you’ll get access to three of my most popular programs:  15-Min Trail Rider Tune-Ups: Discover The Ultra-Targeted Mountain Bike Strength and Mobility Workouts That […]

Moving2Live Podcast Interview

Last week I had another podcast interview gets posted, this time by the team at the Moving2Live Podcast. The host Ben Reuter started the podcast to expose people to different philosophies of improving movement from different sports and professions. I like his message and I really enjoyed our conversation. You can stream or download the […]

2021 New Year’s Sale – Save big on the Ultimate MTB Workout + more!

The 2021 New Year’s Promo is here! Save 50% off the Ultimate MTB Workout + get a FREE copy of the Atomic Strength Program. Click HERE to purchase now. In this pack, you’ll get access to my most comprehensive program, the Ultimate MTB Workout program. It includes the following: Warm Ups & Mobility Training – There […]

2020 Black Friday Program Bundle – HUGE Savings!

The biggest sale of the year is here! Save over 80% and get four of my most popular programs. Click HERE to purchase now. In this bundle, you’ll get access to four of my most popular programs. MTB Kettlebell Conditioning – This workout program combines the power and endurance benefits of kettlebell training with the […]

Is Holding Your Breath the Key to Improving Your Cardio?

It doesn’t take long before you realize that mountain biking requires a lot of cardio fitness. This makes cardio training one of the most popular subjects for riders looking to improve their performance. But what is cardio fitness and are the types of cardio training usually recommend to riders the best way to improve it? […]

Why You Don’t Want to Use Your Ankles to Absorb Shock on Your Mountain Bike.

In this episode of the BikeJames Podcast I tell you why trying to use your ankles to absorb shock on your bike is a bad idea and actually makes it harder for your lower body to absorb shock properly. The notes for it also turned into an article, which you can read below if that […]

New Riding For A Lifetime Webinar – Improve your training, riding and lifestyle skills

Join me this Friday the 7th at 10 am MT for my new Riding For A Lifetime Webinar and take advantage of my experience and insights from 15+ years of working with thousands of riders at all levels. I’ve seen what works and, more importantly, what isn’t sustainable for a lifetime of training and riding. […]

Is This The Best MTB Exercise for Pedaling Power and Low Back Pain?

Improving your pedaling power and reducing low back pain from riding both require more efficient lower body movement on the bike. And this requires both strong hips and hip flexors that sync up and work together when pedaling. A major problem for a lot of riders is that they have tight, weak hip flexors and […]