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Tourniquets for MTB: The Life You Save Could Be Your Own

Being able to deal with traumatic bleeding is a skill that isn’t super complicated and can save a life, including your own. The idea isn’t to be an emergency room doctor but simply to stabilize someone until the real help can get there. Some basic things you can carry include something as simple as gauze […]

The Science of Coaching and Learning Mountain Bike Skills

In this podcast I explain what makes for good coaching cues when trying to teach and learn skills on your mountain bike (or anywhere else for that matter). There is some fascinating research behind the language you use when thinking about or talking about a movement skill and I hope that you’ll learn something that […]

Better Breathing for MTB – Improve Your Performance, Recovery & Mindset

In this episode of the podcast I explain what makes for better breathing and how it applies on and off the bike. Breathing is something that we take for granted but it can make or break our health and performance. The good news is that while improving your breathing is transformational, it isn’t rocket science […]

2021 February Bundle – Huge savings on three programs!

The 2021 February Bundle is here! Save big on 15-Min Trail Rider Tune-Ups, Time Crunched Trail Rider Solution, & MTB Mobility Follow-Along Routines. Click HERE to purchase now. In this pack, you’ll get access to three of my most popular programs:  15-Min Trail Rider Tune-Ups: Discover The Ultra-Targeted Mountain Bike Strength and Mobility Workouts That […]

Moving2Live Podcast Interview

Last week I had another podcast interview gets posted, this time by the team at the Moving2Live Podcast. The host Ben Reuter started the podcast to expose people to different philosophies of improving movement from different sports and professions. I like his message and I really enjoyed our conversation. You can stream or download the […]