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Free Follow Along MTB Specific Workout – Mobility & Isometrics

This is the video from a streaming workout I did on 3-28-20. It is a combination of mobility and isometric training and all you need is your bodyweight and a long strap of some kind (Large Beach Towel, Forearm Forklift or a BJJ Belt are things that would work). Hit play and follow along as […]

Rider Q&A: Isn’t Everyone Different And So One Pedal Stroke Won’t Work For Everyone?

One of the common responses I get when presenting the real science and movement principles behind the pedal stroke is “well, that may work for you but everyone is different and I know what works for me”. I call this the Baskin Robbins argument because, for the same reason the ice cream shop carries 31 […]

At Home Kettlebell Workout for MTB Using Isometrics and Hybrid Exercises

In this video I show you a great workout using a single kettlebell and two of my favorite training methods – Isometrics and Hybrid Exercises. This workout will build strength and MTB specific cardio in less than 30 minutes. Everyone know how valuable kettlebell training can be for mountain biking and by using these two […]

How Clipless Pedals REALLY Work…And Why They Aren’t The Best Answer To The Real Problem.

Clipless pedals are one of the most mysterious things in the world of cycling – everyone knows that the pros use them and that there are some performance benefits in some situations but no one really knows how they work. While the bio-mechanical model of pushing and pulling has been disproven the cycling media keeps […]

Next Level Soft Tissue Strategies – Interview with Chris Duffin from Kabuki Strength

Last week I posted a review of a new soft tissue tool I’ve been using called the Boomstick. At roughly 2 feet long and weighing 20 pounds, it opens up ways to address tightness and mobility that I didn’t know existed. Having a long history with the foam roller I thought I knew a lot […]

The Underground Skills Training Handbook

Over the last few months I’ve been secretly working on a project that has been long overdue. I call it The Underground Skills Training Handbook and in it I hope you will find some tips that will help you ride with more flow and confidence. I put this handbook together because I believe strongly in […]