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Rider Q&A Podcast – Feet Turned Out On Pedals, Strength Standards & Situational Training

In this episode of the BikeJames Podcast I answer some rider questions that I’ve gotten over the last few weeks. They include: Q: Is it alright to turn your feet out on the pedals? Q: What are your new strength standards for MTB? Q: How can I use intervals to train myself to keep pushing […]

BikeJames Podcast – The Power of Better Breathing with Chuck McGee III

In this episode of the BikeJames Podcast I interview Chuck McGee III, a breathwork specialist from Northern California. Chuck is featured in the book Breath as the man who introduced the author James Nestor to the WIm Hof Method and someone has helped me a lot on my own breathwork journey. In this interview I […]

Rider Q&A: Don’t Studies Show Seated Pedaling Is More Efficient Than Standing Pedaling?

I recently got a question from a rider about my position on Standing Pedaling. As a lot of you know, I am a huge advocate of Standing Pedaling and recommend that mountain bikers use it as their Performance Position. When things get tough and/ or you need to use a lot of skill to get […]

BikeJames Podcast – Grip Strength Training, Avoid the Attack Position and Isometric Help Your Cardio

In this new episode of the BikeJames Podcast I cover… Grip strength training for mountain biking – What to do, when to do it and why some common grip strength exercises aren’t very MTB specific. Avoid the “Attack Position” – Why spending too much time in this position makes it harder to steer and maneuver […]

Podcast – Importance of Trackstands, Are Flats Bad For Your Knees and My Favorite Riding Shoes

As I get older I realize that one of the best skills you can have is to be a good problem solver. Life likes to throw you problems and not only you do have to figure them out but some of your best opportunities can come from the solutions you come up with. The first […]

New Podcast – Inside Hand Pressure, How Many Sets & My Wim Hoff Experience

Being willing to try something new is the unintentional theme of this BikeJames Podcast. After recording it and thinking about the topics I realized that all of them were new things for me that I had to try at some point which called into question what I thought I already knew. We all know that […]

Why Mountain Biking Is Not A “Gender Neutral” Sport…And Why That’s Alright.

I’ve always thought of mountain biking as a great way for men and women to come together. My wife and I ride together, I’ve had several female riding buddies over the years and, in general, if a girl was willing to show up and get a little dirty, she was welcomed into the group. Unfortunately, […]