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Beyond Intervals – Using Anti Glycolytic Training To Improve Performance And Health

When it comes to building MTB specific cardio, the best method is to actually ride your bike – that is the most sport specific training you can do. However, there are times when you can’t ride as much as you would like or you want to focus on specific qualities that you need on the […]

RFAL Podcast: Strength Training Basics For The 40+ Year Old Rider

As you get older, strength training changes from a “good to do” to a “must do” status. Losing your strength, muscle and power are all realities for the 40+ year old rider and strength training is the best way to slow that process down. This is the #1 tactic for riders who want to do […]

My Morning Routine: High Leverage, Healthy Habits For The 40+ Year Old Rider

In this episode of the Riding For A Lifetime Podcast I share with you my morning routine that helps me set my day on a good trajectory.  Maximizing your health and longevity becomes a big priority as you get older. You can get away with abusing your body in your 20’s and still being able […]

Core Training For The 40+ Year Old MTB Rider

Core Strength and Core Training are two buzzwords that dominate discussions around improving your MTB specific fitness in the gym. It is pretty widely recognized that having a strong core can help improve your performance and prevent injuries but what is Core Strength and what is the best Core Training? In this episode of the […]

Riding For A Lifetime Podcast – 3 Things the 40+ MTB Rider Must Start Training

Since turning 40 over 7 years ago I’ve realized that my training priorities have to change. I’ve been talking more about the concept of Riding For A Lifetime to help give those new priorities a name. I’ve decided to change the focus of my podcast to focus on these new priorities and have renamed it  […]