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New Podcast – Bioforce Coaches Seminar Recap

In the book Sapiens – which I highly recommend BTW – the author talks about the superpowers that separate humans from other animals. We have a couple of them but the one that I like to focus on is the ability to purposefully affect our future-selves. Unlike other animals that are only focused on the […]

BikeJames Podcast – Balance Training, Clipless Pedal Injury Studies and Foot Position in Corners and Descents

By the time you get this podcast I’ll be on my way back from a seminar in Seattle. It’s hosted by Joel Jamieson for his Bioforce Certified Coaches and I’m looking forward to sharing some of what I learned with you over the next few weeks. In the meantime, though, here is a new BikeJames […]

New KB/ DB Workouts Added to the WOM – Download Now

A new month means it’s time for a new Workout of the Month. And this time I’ve got some exciting new stuff I’m adding to it. First, I’m adding a separate Kettlebell/ Dumbbell Workout to the download.  I realized that while I love Ramping Isometrics and the Steel Mace they just aren’t tools that most […]

How To Get Over Ledges On Climbs – A Case Study From the Trail

Navigating ledges is an important part of mountain biking. While bigger wheels and better suspension have made it easier to simply ride over things, the trail still throws ledges and other obstacles that you have to get your front wheel up and over. Unfortunately, though, for a lot of riders being able to get their […]

Do wide handlebars make it harder to lean your bike?

Do wide handlebars make it harder to lean your bike? If you would have asked me yesterday I probably would have said “no” but after my ride today I think they do. After cutting my bars down to 26.5 inches wide I went for a trail ride fully expecting got them to be too narrow, […]

New Podcast – Finding the right problem is the first part of the solution.

One of the recurring themes in my life lately is the need to identify the right problem before you can come up with the right solution. Sometimes we think the problem is one thing and work like crazy to find answer to it only to be frustrated over and over again because we were seeing […]

Using Wedges for Better Cornering and Cockpit Control

The human body is an amazing “machine” that can create a wide variety of movements. One of the reasons that it is so effective is that it is made to make use of wedges. Just so we’re all on the same page, a wedge is defined as a tool that can be used to separate […]

Will I See You In September?

Over the last few weeks I’ve talked about the opening of my new MTB performance training facility, The Catalyst Training Center. I opened it to act as my base of operations as I introduce the new tools and training methods I’ve been using and sharing them with the MTB world. While I’ll be sharing a […]