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My take on supplements…

I recently had a local reporter ask me my opinion on supplements in general and particularly as they applied to kids and young athletes. A local sports medicine doctor he had asked had told him he did not recommend protein supplements to kids and he wanted to know my take. Here is what I told […]

Rich Houseman Interview

Rich Houseman is a man of many faces – champion bike 4X racer, rep, Yeti Factory Racer and now a father. Here is an interview I did with him a year ago where I asked him the secrets to getting sponsored and moving up the ladder to better sponsorships… Rich “Big House” Houseman Interview […]

Staying motivated to train…

I had a question posed to me last week about staying motivated to train. This can certainly be a tough time of year to stay motivated with the short, cold days and lack of saddle time. I just went through a 2 week period where I got in about 2 workouts – I just did […]