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Are you “false fit”?

Most exercise professionals would agree that there are many components to fitness. A well rounded approach to fitness that addresses all of them is usually the best way to achieve lasting gains and continual progress from a program. Being deficient in even one of these components leads to slow progress and results in a condition […]

Aerobic Base Training is Dead – The Scientific Proof

Ever since I came out about a year ago and blasted some huge holes in the idea of aerobic base training for DH and 4X riders I’ve had a lot of people doubt my sanity. Aerobic base training has been a staple of training programs for decades and many an off season program for mountain […]

Back hurts after XC rides…

My buddy Lee McCormack ( recently sent me this question… James!OK dude. I’ve been doing longer rides lately, and it’s starting to feel good. My climbing legs are coming back, and I’m comfortable for 2+ hour rides. The weak link is actually appearing on the DH. I’m training and riding the way I always do, […]

Interview with skills coach Lee McCormack

Lee McCormack is one of my favorite people. His enthusiasm for mountain biking and life is contagious. In this interview you get some insight into the world of skills training as well as his tips for improving your ride the next time you hit the trail. Download this episode (right click and save) (Rigth click […]