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New Podcast – Speed vs. Power, Handlebar Width and Emotions in Training

This week I’ve got a new BikeJames Podcast for you. A lot has happened since the last one and I had a few interesting topics to share, including… The opening of my new Catalyst Training Facility in Fruita CO Rider Q&A: Is speed determined by power? Why your handlebars are too wide Resistance Bands: Why […]

New Podcast: Knee Stomp vs. Hip Stomp for Jumping, History of the TGU and Isometric Bro Science

This week I’ve got a new podcast to share with you. Instead of a single topic, I had a few random things that wouldn’t make for a whole episode alone so I put them together into this BikeJames Podcast. In this episode I cover… Knee Stomp vs. Hip Stomp: Why “stomp your feet” can be […]

3 Surprising Reasons You Need Isometric Training

Over the last 18 months I’ve become an evangelist for isometric training. If someone wants to talk training then the first thing I tell them is about the amazing experience I’ve had and seen others have with this marginalized training method. Increases in strength and endurance with far fewer training related aches and pains, all […]