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BikeJames Podcast: Recovery Posture & Low Carb Diets

In this episode of the BikeJames Podcast I look at two recent studies and their application to mountain biking and training: 1 – Effects of Recovery Posture on High Intensity Interval Training: This study looked at the best posture for maximizing your recovery between high intensity efforts. You can read the study by click here. […]

Feel Better With This 5-Minute Wrist & Shoulder Mobility Routine

Few things take a beating on our bike like our wrists and shoulders. Almost everything you do on the bike requires the upper body to either transfer force into the handlebars or absorb energy from the handlebars, placing a lot of stress and tension on them. Plus, you have to deal with wrecking. The wrists […]

The Importance of Being an Optimist for Mountain Biking

Want to know the #1 thing that can make a difference in your mountain biking journey? While the physical stuff is important, the #1 thing is actually your mindset. Until you get things straight between the ears the rest of the body doesn’t really matter. Of course, this isn’t news to a lot of you. […]

Get the only “P-90X Workout for Mountain Bikers” and let the power of a follow-along workout program help you succeed.

Let me ask you a questions – Do you struggle to stick with a training program? Despite your best intentions,does your motivation begin to quickly die and you find it harder and harder to do the workouts you know you need to do? Well, if you answered “yes” then don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most […]

Squat vs. Vertical Jump – What They Tell Us About Foot Position on the Bike

As the creator of the Catalyst Pedals I get asked a lot about foot position. And this is to be expected – as the first and only pedal designed to optimize the mid-foot position it seems to defy a lot of the common logic used when discussing foot position on the bike. When talking about […]