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Steel Mace Basics Webinar: How to Safely Get the Most Out of Your Mace Training

While it is one of the oldest training tools in the world the Steel Mace finds itself in an interesting situation. First, there is no codified training system for them. Despite being used for thousands of years to condition the human body for swinging stuff in battle and for wrestling another human there isn’t a […]

Compression vs. Leverage Based Tension: Why you aren’t seeing the results your looking for from your program.

Ever since I was a teenager running track in high school I’ve been fascinated with how to manipulate the human body to perform better. To me it was like a video game – you could literally level up your character if you did the right things with your strength and conditioning program. That fascination led […]

Podcast – Recap and Lessons From the Perform Better Functional Training Summit.

In this episode of the BikeJames Podcast I recap the insights and lessons I took from the recent Perform Better Functional Training Summit. It was a 3 day event in Long Beach that brought in some of the best coaches in the industry to share their knowledge. It was also a great excuse to catch […]

The Skill of Creating Tension – Why Ramping Isometrics are the missing piece of your training program.

I wanted to wrap up this week by explaining in more detail exactly why Ramping Isometrics are a key part of getting stronger. Since releasing my Ramping Isometrics for MTB Training Program earlier this week I’ve had a lot of people asking why they need to use it and it all comes down to helping […]

Top 3 Benefits of Ramping Isometrics for Mountain Biking

Getting better at mountain biking is never easy. It’s a tough sport that requires a different breed of person to excel at. But while there is no getting around a certain amount of pain and effort, there’s no reason to make things harder on ourselves either. I mean, we may be crazy but we’re not […]

New Ramping Isometrics for MTB Program now available.

Ramping Isometrics are the most effective training technique I’ve found for the unique demands of mountain biking. Able to increase your MTB specific strength and cardio with workouts that take less than 20 minutes, they have completely changed how I train myself and the small handful of riders I work with. I’ve been using a […]