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BikeJames Podcast – The BPTM System – 4 Steps to Improving Your Performance

Over the last couple of years I’ve been introduced to some things that have made me re-think how I approach training myself and other people. These things aren’t “new” exactly but better ways to look at some “old” things and how they can be applied to your training. I’ve recently started to codify this new […]

Indian Club Swing for Mountain Biking – Are They Better Than Kettlebell Swings?

One of the only constancies in life is change. While I’ve been a huge proponent for Kettlebell Swings I’ve come across an exercise that has made me question if it really is the best option for us as mountain bikers. To see why I’ve started using and recommending Indian Club Swings for building mountain bike […]

Free 30 Day Steel Mace for MTB Workout Program

Welcome to the world of Steel Mace Training. Based on the ancient Gada, the Steel Mace is the modern version of a training tool that goes back thousands of years. Used by warriors and wrestlers throughout the centuries to build wrist and grip strength as well as upper body strength, mobility, and endurance, this training […]