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Jumps & Drops: How Your Hand Position Affects Your Ability to Absorb Energy on the Bike

Over the past few weeks I’ve posted several things about how having your hands wider than you need affects things like your range of motion, your ability to lean your bike and your ability to apply pressure into your handlebars. Like most things in life, there is a sweet spot between too much and too […]

New Workout of the Month – Download Now for Free

This last month was a busy one for me with MTB Strength Training Systems. Besides getting a new website done (check it out if you haven’t seen it yet) I also had the chance to work with a lot of riders through my new facility. First the Primal Skills Camp where 4 riders came for […]

Beyond Foam Rolling – The Boomstick from Kabuki Strength

Your ability to recover plays a big role in your results. The more training and riding you can recover from and the better you can recover from it the better your results will be. For a long time now I’ve been an advocate of foam rolling to help address soft tissue in the recovery process. […]