Its been a long, cold winter for a lot of us and being able to hit the trails and feel the sun on your face and dirt under your tires has been a long time coming. And while we all love to ride as much as we can when the weather warms up, as many of you know this actually makes the riding season the trickiest part of the year. Like I pointed out in the video series last week on my blog, trying to maintain or even improve your fitness levels without driving yourself over the edge of overtraining can be tough.

Frustrated! Photo by AdamNF on Flickr
Frustrated! Photo by AdamNF on Flickr

Get it right and you can take your fitness and skills to new levels, ready ride hard all season long…get it wrong and you end up struggling on every ride while secretly waiting for the off-season so you can take a break.

The problem is that you have to balance a lot of riding with all of the other things that you need to do. You don’t want to ignore strength training or cardio training but you can easily over do them as well. You also need to make sure that you are getting plenty of mobility training to offset all of those hours on the bike so that you don’t stiffen up and start to lose your “flow” and skills.

You also need someone who can help you when things get off track. Life has a funny way of throwing obstacles in our path and having someone who can help you minimize the damage to your fitness from an injury, sickness or other lay-off is invaluable.

This means you that you need a coach now more than ever. Trying to wing it with your fitness during the riding season is a sure way to end up with some regrets at the end of the year.

To help you make the most of this riding season, I’m opening up registration this week for my exclusive In-Season Group Coaching Program. This program is designed for riders who want access to the most effective in-season training program delivered in the most convenient way possible.

Click here to sign up for my new 6 Month In-Season Group Coaching Program and let me help you make this your best riding season ever.

With the In-Season Group Coaching Program I send you a new workout each month, complete with links to video demos, coaching cue handouts and other supporting materials. These workouts include my latest strength, mobility and cardio training strategies and can’t be found in any other program.

I’ll also provide a weekly training plan based on what type of riding you do (Enduro/ Trail, XC or DH). This will tell you the best way to integrate everything from the program while also giving you an important way to customize your program. The plans are also based on how many hours you have to train each week, helping you figure out how to maximize your time even if you only have 3 hours a week to train.

I even include a Minimalist Routine, which are the 3-4 essential exercises you must do even if you only have 20 minutes to train. This makes it easy to get keep up with your workouts even when you don’t have much time to train.

The workouts don’t require any special equipment and can easily be done from a small home gym. Some dumbbells or kettlebells, a chin up bar, a bench, some rubber tubing/ bands and a rope are all you need for these workouts. You can click here to see a complete list of required equipment for the program.

All of this is delivered to you in a convenient format where you don’t even have to log on to any sites or remember any passwords. Everything you need is delivered right to your inbox every 4 weeks like clockwork and all you have to do is click on it and follow the plan.

You will also have access to an exclusive forum where I will personally answer all of your questions about the program or anything else that can help your riding. This is also where I can help you plan around those hurdles that life likes to throw our way or you can post videos of your exercise or riding form for me to give you feedback on, giving you access to coaching that people usually pay $200 an hour for.
quote-Mike-Singletary-i-feel-that-a-great-coach-is-220798Add in a weekly check in email with motivation quotes, nutrition tips and a round up of what’s been happening on the forum and you have the perfect formula to keep you motivated and on track.
Now, because this is a group coaching program and I’m not able to personalize the workouts for each rider I do need to say that this program is not for everyone. If you have any type of injury or need to avoid certain movements then this isn’t the best choice for you. And if you have pro level skills and fitness goals then this isn’t the best choice for you. These riders need a more personalized approach than what the Group Coaching Program can provide.

But if you are a reasonably healthy rider with no current injuries and you are looking to take your basic to intermediate fitness and skills to the next level then this In-Season Group Coaching Program is a great choice for you.

Best of all, instead of paying $200+ a month for this type of coaching you can get all of this for just $29 a month for the 6 month program. Plus, I’m throwing in the following FREE bonuses to help with your training program:

Bonus #1 – The No Gym, No Problem Bodyweight Workout Program. This is one of my best selling programs and a must have for anyone who travels. Giving you a variety of exercises and workouts to choose from, this is the go-to program when you need to train but don’t have access to any equipment.

Bonus #2 – 2 TRX only workouts and 1 TRX + Kettlebell Workout. Much like the No Gym, No Problem Program these TRX workouts are a great tool for those who travel and don’t have easy access to equipment. If you don’t have a TRX or other suspension trainer you can also use a 10 foot length of rope with knots tied in it for the workouts as well.

Bonus #3 – The MTB Mobility Program. This is the foundation for your flexibility and mobility program and includes my brand new Static Stretching Manual.

Bonus #4 – My Private Coaching Client Resources Folder. This contains all of my best info and tools. While there is way too much to list here, it is one of the most valuable resources I have and gives you a lot of supporting tools and information to help you get the most out of the program.

For less than $1 a day you’ll get a full off-season training plan, delivered in the most convenient way possible with the support you need to get the most out of it plus all of these bonuses. I’ll even give you the first month to decide if it will be a good fit for you – if you don’t like it just let me know and I’ll cancel your payments and refund your $29…but the bonuses and first workout are yours just for checking it out.

As you can see you have nothing to lose. This is a great chance for you to work with me this season but you only have through this weekend to sign up for this program for only $29 a month.

But registration for this exclusive 6 month program will close at the end of this week so please don’t wait. I’m looking for riders who are ready to start taking action and know that something like this is exactly what they need to help them get going and stay on track.

Click on the link below and to reserve your place in the In-Season Group Coaching Program. Once you are signed up, I’ll send you your first workout program along with everything you need to feel confident getting started.

Click here to sign up for my new In-Season Group Coaching Program and let me help you make this your best riding season ever for only $29 a month.

Make sure that you ride strong all season long. With the Group Coaching Program you’ll have me with you every step of the way. Click on the link above and let’s get started.

Until then…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

MTB Strength Training Systems

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