Improving your cardio and endurance on the trail requires more than just a bunch of hard rides and intervals. It also requires that you improve your breathing in your workouts on and in the trail.

In this video I’ll share two things you can do to improve your breathing for mountain biking, including one workout tip and one tip you can apply on the trail today.

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James Wilson

MTB Strength Training Systems

“Regardless of combat circumstances, you must always remain calm. Calmness is attained through meditation and belief in your own skills.” Miyamoto Musashi

5 thoughts on “Better Breathing for MTB: Two Tips to Improve Your Cardio

  1. Rick says:

    I’ve been doing it all wrong, thinking I should just breath through my nose—which hasn’t been working. I can’t wait to focus on using the three gears of breathing! Thanks, you are my go-to person for helping me with bike handling and physical fitness.

  2. John Fox says:

    Super helpful James! I’m racing in Beaver Creek this July. Do you think these exercises fit in with workouts for altitude?

    • James Wilson says:

      Yes, breath-hold workouts are what the Oxygen Advantage people call simulated altitude training. When blood and O2 levels drop, this simulates altitude. It is a good way to train for that.

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