Connor Fearon is a young man living his dream. As a kid in Australia, he was inspired by guys like Sam Hill and Nathan Rennie to take up downhill racing and in a very short time proved himself able to stand on the podium with the best in the world.

This last weekend saw a successful end to a great season for the Kona Factory Team Rider. He finished 5th in the final race of the World Cup Season and secured 5th in the overall points standing.

Oh, and did I mention that he rides flat pedals?

Connor Fearon Pic 1

That’s right, one of the fastest riders on the planet – who also races some Enduros for fun – does it at the highest level without the aid of clipless pedals.

Impressed with his results and resistance to the status quo of clipless pedals I got ahold of Connor and set up an interview with him for the BikeJames Podcast to learn more. He took some time out of his riding and racing schedule to talk with me about a lot of interesting things, including…

– How long he’s been into mountain biking and DH racing.

The moment he knew he could be a pro DH rider.

The biggest influences on his riding.

Some advice he would give to new riders just starting out and new racers looking to get sponsors.

Why he prefers to ride flat pedals. 

– Why he uses a mid-foot position on the pedals.

What he feels are the advantages of learning how to ride flat pedals.

– Some advice for riders about the best way to use flat pedals.

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It was a really interesting talk with someone who has achieved a lot in his young career and I took some really good lessons away from it. Connor is a down-to-earth guy who has taken advantage of the chances he’s been given and it was great to learn more about him and how he’s gotten where he is today.

I know you’ll enjoy listening to this podcast as much as I did making it. You can also learn more about Connor and follow him on Facebook by clicking here.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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