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So, right off the bat I want to let you know why this may be one of the most important interviews I’ve done on this podcast.

Foot health and now it affects your riding is usually something most of us don’t worry about until there is a problem. However, even then most riders are usually in the dark about the best strategies to improve and maintain their foot health.

This leads to a lot of riders who just figure that sore feet, uncomfortable feet and the knee, ankle and low back problems that come with them are just part of riding a bike.

Which is unfortunate because a lot of these riders are suffering needlessly. There are things you can do both on and off your bike to improve your foot health and function, improving your performance and decreasing your pain in the process.

In this podcast I interview Dr. Marty Hughes and Dr. Robyn Hughes from They are leading experts in the field of foot function and health and also happen to be avid cyclists, bringing a unique perspective to this subject.

In the interview we go over why foot health is so important for us, some common things that can be hurting our feet and what you can do to start improving your foot health both on and off the bike.

I know that talking about the feet isn’t what most riders think about when it comes to improving your performance on the bike but after listening to this interview I hope you’ll have a new appreciation for how important it is.

You can download or stream this episode using the links below or you can find the show on ITunes as well.

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  1. Vinay says:

    I really need to check these out. I always want more room for my toes to spread and even though my shoes (for the past couple of years pretty much fivetens exclusively for everything except running) start to become more comfortable over time, it usually so because my toes have actually pushed so hard that the sides got damaged and loose. I could never find shoes that gave me that kind of room. The big question of course is, will these survive riding with pedals with spikes (like the Catalyst pedals)?

    Reply • November 29 at 3:21 pm

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