I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and got to spend it with some people you’re thankful for. My whole family came over for dinner and I probably ate a bit too much but hey, that’s why I train hard so I can indulge every now and then and not pay the full price.

Speaking of not paying full price for something, I know that you’re probably getting a bunch of great Black Friday deals in your inbox right about now but I wanted to share one that I know you’ll like. It is guaranteed to help improve your fitness and skills on your bike, which is something I know every ride wants.

But first, let me quickly explain what is really holding you back on your bike.

Unlike road riding, mountain biking requires a high level of technical skill. Improving your technical skills will help you ride faster, carry momentum better and have more confidence on the trail.

This makes improving your skills an important part of progressing as a rider. As many an ultra-fit roadie has found out on their first mountain bike ride, you can only out-fitness your way through so much.

The problem is that improving your technical skills on your mountain bike requires a high level of body awareness, joint control and core strength. Without these 3 things you will struggle to apply what you know simply because your body doesn’t have the physical tools in the first place.

This makes spending time off your bike to work on body awareness, joint control and core strength important to your progression as a rider. Being able to manipulate your body and hold a position is the essence of technical skills and these 3 things are the foundation of that ability.

And as a strength coach I know that nothing helps to improve these things like bodyweight training.

Bodyweight training is something that has been used by people to develop capable, athletic bodies in all areas of the world. It so popular because it helped develop the type of strength and fitness that also helped them move better and learn new skills faster.

It is also something that can be done anywhere and anytime. Without the need for equipment you also get rid of most of the excuses that dog us as we try to stay consistent with our workout program.

I’ve been a champion of bodyweight training for a long time and have used it as part of my workout programs since the beginning of MTB Strength Training Systems. Knowing how effective it is for the specific demands of mountain biking I also created the No Gym No Problem Workout Program to give riders the first bodyweight program geared for their needs.

But as good as that program is, I’m always learning new things and improving my methods and the time has come for me to update the program to include this new stuff. Which is why I’m proud to announce the release of the all-new No Gym No Problem Workout Program v3.

This new program includes 12 weeks’ worth of progressive bodyweight workouts. Each workout has video demos of everything you need to easily get started.

I also give you my Bodyweight Program Creation Template to show you how to create your own customized workouts to advance your bodyweight skills even further. You’ll have everything you need to get started with bodyweight training as well as the tools to keep working on it for years to come.

In addition to being a great workout to use on its own, this program is also a great addition to a regular workout program. Adding in 1-2 days of bodyweight focused training with a more traditional weights-focused strength training program is a great way to reap the benefits of both approaches.

Now here’s the best part…right now you can get this new program as part of a Black Friday Package I’ve put together for just $29.

Click here to get the new No Gym No Problem Workout Program plus $334 in bonuses for just $29

Along with the new No Gym No Problem Workout v3 this Black Friday Package also includes…

– MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program v3 ($49 value): This workout program combines the power and endurance benefits of kettlebell training with the unique perspective of MTB Strength Training Systems to bring a workout program that is sure to challenge even the fittest rider. If you have some strength training experience and are looking for a new challenge that will noticeably boost your power and endurance on the trail then this is the workout you’ve been looking for.

– 90 Day MTB Skills & Fitness Program ($49 value): Learn how to permanently fix the bad movement habits that are really keeping you from improving your mountain bike skills. It isn’t “bad technique” that’s stopping you from improving. This program will fix the real cause – bad movement habits you don’t even realize are holding you back on the trail. Improve your performance and safety on the trail in just 90 days with the only workouts designed to integrate mobility, strength and skills drills.

– Enduro Racing, DH Racing and XC Racing Specific 12 Week Cardio Training Plans ($99 value): Mountain biking isn’t “road riding on dirt” and we can’t just copy-and-paste workouts from their sport. Our unique sport and its specific disciplines have very specific energy systems demands and require a specific approach to maximize them. When combined with one of my strength training programs these 12 week plans give you the cardio training edge you need to ride faster and longer than ever before.

– MTB Skills Training Manual ($59 value): Get all of my best skills training tips, videos and article in one place. Created for my private coaching clients, it is a unique and valuable resource to help you bridge the gap between the gym and trail. Learn how to connect the movement skills you practice in the gym with your bike skills and how to practice them on the bike.

– MTB Follow-Along Mobility Videos ($39 value): These simple 15 minute Follow-Along routines will instantly improve your mobility, letting you perform at a higher level with less pain. Just click play on these follow-along videos as I show you how to go beyond stretching to unlock your stiff joints and find a new way to move on your bike.

– MTB Nutrition and Supplement Lessons ($39 value): While I am admittedly no nutrition expert, I have hung around enough of them to pick up a few things. One of them is that while nutrition can be complex it doesn’t have to be. In this manual I’ll share the lessons I’ve used to help my clients improve their nutrition without a lot of stress. I also include a 7 day meal plan to get you started as well as some bonus handouts I use in my facility to quickly get people up to speed with the basics.

Together this Black Friday Package is worth $383 but you can get it all for just $29.

You’ll also get my 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – if you don’t like the No Gym No Problem Workout Program v3 or feel it isn’t the right workout program for you then just let me know and I’ll refund your $29. You can even keep all of the bonuses as a thanks for checking it out.

If you don’t already have a great bodyweight training program then now is the perfect time to get the No Gym No Problem Workout Program v3. You’re getting 50% off this best-selling workout program plus you’re getting 6 free bonuses valued at $334.

But this special deal only lasts through this weekend so don’t wait. Use the link below to get this special Black Friday Package.

Click here to get the new No Gym No Problem Workout Program plus $334 in bonuses for just $29

I’m confident that you’ll love the No Gym No Problem Workout Program v3 as much as I do. Bodyweight training can be very valuable but you need to use it in a safe, progressive manner to target the things we need on the trail.

And that’s exactly what this program delivers.

With the special Black Friday Package now is the perfect time to add bodyweight training to your toolbox. Click on the link above to take advantage of this special deal before it ends.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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