For a flat pedal rider there is nothing worse than having your feet get blown off the of the pedals when you don’t expect it. It usually happens when you try to ride through some rough stuff at speed on the trail and especially when you stand up and try to pedal through rough, choppy stuff.

In fact, for some riders the possibility of having their feet blown off the pedals is one of the top reasons they give for switching to clipless pedals. Of course, the worse thing for a clipless pedal rider is a wreck over the bars without being able to get unclipped so neither system is perfect (and I’d rather slip a pedal than get slammed into the ground while still attached to my bike but that’s just me).

Anyways, my point is that having your feet getting bounced around and even off of your pedals from time to time was just something you had to learn to deal with. But the truth is that it doesn’t have to be this way.

You see, where and how you position your foot on the pedals has a lot to do with how stable your foot is when you are standing up on the pedals. And this is also where the mid-foot position and the unique platform provided by the Catalyst Pedal allow it to do something no other pedal can.

I recently shot a short video going over the brief demo I give to people to show them how the position of the axle in relation to the arch of the foot can make a dramatic impact on your foot’s stability on the pedal. Get it in the right spot and it becomes almost impossible for your foot to bounce off…but get it wrong by even a little bit and you start to literally roll and kick your foot off of the pedals.

One of the reasons this came to mind for me was that a couple of weeks back I overshot a jump and went flying into some good sized moto whoops with too much speed and not enough time to recover from my hard landing. While a lot of things came into play with me riding it out and avoiding a nasty wreck, afterwards I realized that my feet never even moved, much less came close to slipping a pedal.

And that had to help increase my odds, which is all you can ask for when things start getting crazy on the trail.

If you want to ride with more power, comfort and confidence by simply switching pedals then check out the Catalyst Pedals. I know that once you see how having a balanced and stable foot can make a huge difference on the bike you’ll understand why over 1200 around the world already love them.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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