Since mountain biking requires more strength and strength endurance than road cycling does, using strength training intervals is a great way to get into shape for the trail. I use the Punisher Circuits in my facility to provide that extra conditioning edge that riders are looking for and they have quickly become extremely popular. This Punisher Circuit is from last month and will take you about 30 minutes to complete. It’s perfect for getting a quick workout in before work or during a lunch break when time is short. Enjoy!

Punisher 1

1. Plank/ Prone Jack Knife

2. Step Ups

3. 3 Point Rows

4. KB/ DB Front Squat

5. Alt. Banded Shoulder Press

6. Rower/ Bike/ Burpees

7. Ropes/ Jump Rope

8. Ball Slams


– 30 seconds work: 20 seconds rest

– 4 rounds

– No rest between rounds 1 & 2 (go through the circuit twice without stopping)

– 90-120 seconds rest between rounds 2 & 3

– No rest between rounds 3 & 4 (go through the circuit twice without stopping)

– Fall to the ground and don’t move for 5 minutes

-James Wilson-

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