So this is it…the moment I’ve been working towards for over 14 months.

After a lot of work the Catalyst Pedal is officially ready for pre-sale. As the only pedal in the world based on science and not just theories and marketing hype, it promises to change what you expect from your pedals.

Now, I know this is a bold statement but it is one that I can back up in 2 ways. First, this morning I held a webinar going over both the science and the logic behind this pedal design.

I keep saying it but it bears repeating – this isn’t just my opinion or a fancy sounding theory. When you look at the actual science that exists on the pedal stroke you’ll see that it favors the Catalyst Pedal’s design.

And even though I had some technical difficulties – the slides didn’t progress during the presentation – I was able to lay out the evidence I have to support this new design. I also answered a lot of frequently asked questions and took a lot of great questions from the audience as well.

All in all I think I did a pretty solid job presenting the case for a new and improved view of the pedal stroke and the best pedal design to optimize it. If you want to check it out then click here to watch the video replay: Catalyst Pedal Intro Webinar Replay

You can download the slides from the presentation by clicking here: Catalyst Pedal Intro Slides

I’ve also put together a short video covering the Catalyst Pedal and the 3 ways it can improve your pedal stroke, you can watch it below:

The second way that I can back up this claim is with a 30 day money back guarantee on the Catalyst Pedals. I’m so confident that you’ll notice the difference in power, stability and comfort or I’ll refund your investment.

No other pedal on the market has the science or a guarantee behind it like the Catalyst Pedal. And, like I said, it is now ready for pre-sale.

Best of all, you can get them right now for only $99! But this special deal ends on Saturday the 3rd at midnight so don’t wait.

Click here to learn more and order your Catalyst Pedals

These are high quality pedals that are made for me by VP Componenets, makers of VP Pedals. When released these pedals will retail for $139 and they are worth every penny.

But, you see, I need your help and in exchange for that help I’m going to offer you a killer deal.

I need the cash to place my first order, which is the last step in getting Pedaling Innovations off the ground and the Catalyst Pedals into everyone’s hands. And to get that cash I’m going to be having this special pre-sale to “kickstart” the next step the business.

This means that you will be helping Pedaling Innovations take an important step forward, but the pedals won’t be ready for delivery until sometime in December or January.

So, in exchange for your support and faith in this project I’m offering the Catalyst Pedals at a once-in-a-lifetime price of only $99 for a few days. Seriously, you will never see this price again.

Now, I also know that you may need to learn a little bit more about this new pedal before investing in it, and I totally understand. I’ve put together a lot of info at the website, including the science I keep talking about and an extensive FAQ covering a lot of common questions I’ve gotten about them as well.

But this special price of only $99 will only be available for a few days. On Saturday at midnight the price will go up so be sure to pre-order your pair before then and make sure that you are among the first riders in the world to experience the difference the Catalyst Pedal can make.

Click here to learn more and order your Catalyst Pedals

Thanks again for all of your support so far and I hope that you enjoy the Catalyst Pedals as much as I do. Based on science and not just theories and marketing hype…plus backed with a 30 day money back guarantee…this pedal will help a lot of riders improve their performance and comfort.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

MTB Strength Training Systems and now Pedaling Innovations

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