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BikeJames Podcast: Recovery Posture & Low Carb Diets

In this episode of the BikeJames Podcast I look at two recent studies and their application to mountain biking and training: 1 – Effects of Recovery Posture on High Intensity Interval Training: This study looked at the best posture for maximizing your recovery between high intensity efforts. You can read the study by click here. […]

Enduro Race Training – BikeJames Podcast

In this new episode of the BikeJames Podcast I share my thoughts on Enduro Racing and how to approach training riders for it. A lot of riders are making some common mistakes with their training and my goal is to help you avoid them while knowing what you did need to focus on to be […]

Top 3 Benefits of Ramping Isometrics for Mountain Biking

Getting better at mountain biking is never easy. It’s a tough sport that requires a different breed of person to excel at. But while there is no getting around a certain amount of pain and effort, there’s no reason to make things harder on ourselves either. I mean, we may be crazy but we’re not […]

Indian Club Swing for Mountain Biking – Are They Better Than Kettlebell Swings?

One of the only constancies in life is change. While I’ve been a huge proponent for Kettlebell Swings I’ve come across an exercise that has made me question if it really is the best option for us as mountain bikers. To see why I’ve started using and recommending Indian Club Swings for building mountain bike […]

Stretching, Walking and Throwing Rocks – I Get Interviewed by The Regular Guy Mountain Biking Show

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of talking with Gene Arnold on his Bike Chat, which is part of his Regular Guy Mountain Biking Show. Gene is a regular guy with a passion for riding and he likes to share that passion with his fellow riders by interviewing people and reviewing stuff that he […]

The Best Cardio Workout for Mountain Biking You’ve Never Done…

Cardio is one of those topics that I could write about every day and some people still couldn’t get enough. To say that mountain bikers are obsessed with cardio training would be an understatement and every rider I’ve ever talked to wants to know how to best improve it. From intervals to base miles the […]

Three Things Mountain Bike Riders Can Learn from BMX Racers

This is a guest post from Jukka Mäennenä, a Finnish cycling coach who specializes in BMX and Mountain Bike training. Jukka is someone I have known for a long time and he has been on the podcast before and shared a great article and video on modern day mobility training for riders. The last time […]

Why you should add running to your MTB training program.

Sports training is a delicate balancing act between several opposing factors. For example, specificity and health – while you need your training to be specific to your sport, being too specific all of the time can actually decrease your performance. You also have high and low intensity training – you need high intensity training to […]