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Rider Q&A: Isn’t Everyone Different And So One Pedal Stroke Won’t Work For Everyone??

One of the common responses I get when presenting the real science and movement principles behind the pedal stroke is “well, that may work for you but everyone is different and I know what works for me”. I call this the Baskin Robbins argument because, for the same reason the ice cream shop carries 31 […]

How Clipless Pedals REALLY Work…And Why They Aren’t The Best Answer To The Real Problem.

Clipless pedals are one of the most mysterious things in the world of cycling – everyone knows that the pros use them and that there are some performance benefits in some situations but no one really knows how they work. While the bio-mechanical model of pushing and pulling has been disproven the cycling media keeps […]

Why Police Officers on Bikes Benefit From Catalyst Pedals.

When I first came up with the idea for the Catalyst Pedal I never realized how many types of riders would benefit from them. But as we started to sell more Catalyst Pedals we started to hear from more types of riders who were finding the unique design and foot placement a huge benefit for […]

I get interviewed by the B1KER Bar…

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed by B1KER Bar, where I had the chance to share some thoughts on the pedal stroke, flat pedals and mountain biking in general over a beer with the host Robert Schumacher. There were some power outages in his area during the interview but we […]

Squat vs. Vertical Jump – What They Tell Us About Foot Position on the Bike

As the creator of the Catalyst Pedals I get asked a lot about foot position. And this is to be expected – as the first and only pedal designed to optimize the mid-foot position it seems to defy a lot of the common logic used when discussing foot position on the bike. When talking about […]

What A Wobble Board Can Teach You About The Best Foot Position On Your Bike.

One thing that we take for granted is how much balance plays a role in our performance on the bike. You can be the fittest guy out there but if your balance sucks then you’ll struggle to apply it and not spend half your time picking yourself up off the ground after crashing. Like anywhere […]

3 Ways to Eliminate Cycling Related Low Back Pain

For a lot of cyclists, low back pain is just a part of riding their bike. Whether it hurts before, during or after riding (or all 3 for a lot of people) they know that throwing their leg over their bike will most likely result in their low back getting angry with them. And while […]