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Next Level Soft Tissue Strategies – Interview with Chris Duffin from Kabuki Strength

Last week I posted a review of a new soft tissue tool I’ve been using called the Boomstick. At roughly 2 feet long and weighing 20 pounds, it opens up ways to address tightness and mobility that I didn’t know existed. Having a long history with the foam roller I thought I knew a lot […]

Beyond Foam Rolling – The Boomstick from Kabuki Strength

Your ability to recover plays a big role in your results. The more training and riding you can recover from and the better you can recover from it the better your results will be. For a long time now I’ve been an advocate of foam rolling to help address soft tissue in the recovery process. […]

Feel Better With This 5-Minute Wrist & Shoulder Mobility Routine

Few things take a beating on our bike like our wrists and shoulders. Almost everything you do on the bike requires the upper body to either transfer force into the handlebars or absorb energy from the handlebars, placing a lot of stress and tension on them. Plus, you have to deal with wrecking. The wrists […]

Shin Box Mobility Routine for Mountain Biking

I’ve been working with mountain bikers since 2005, which means that I’ve seen a few trends over that time. Seeing something once or twice is one thing but seeing it over and over usually means something. When it comes to mountain bikers, the biggest trend I’ve seen is that they almost always have tight hips. […]

Stick Mobility for Mountain Biking

In this video I share some great new mobility moves I’ve been using in my program. Inspired by the Mobility Stick, they use a wooden rod or length of PVC pipe to connect the two sides of the body together as you go through the movements. While I show you some mobility movements for the […]

If you can’t do this you shouldn’t be riding your bike…

I know that this isn’t popular to say but the truth is that mountain biking isn’t for everyone. At least, according to one fitness coaching legend, if you can’t perform a good bodyweight squat then you shouldn’t be doing any sports until you can. A few weekends ago I had the chance to go to […]

New Outside Online Article – 3 Stretches You Need To Do Every Day

Check out this new article I was interviewed for by Outside Magazine’s website called The 3 Stretches Every Outdoor Athlete Should Do Daily. In it I share the 3 stretches I do every day to keep me moving well, performing my best and staying injury free. Click here to discover The Top 3 Stretches You Should […]

Mobility Flows to Maximize Your Results – Warm Up and Decompress from your workouts

The biggest change between my training now and when I first started training is the emphasis I now have on mobility. Back in the early 90’s when I first got serious about strength training you would just jump on a treadmill for 5 minutes, do a few “warm up sets” before training and call it […]

Banded Traction – The best joint stress relief method that you aren’t using

If you ride long enough – or just live life long enough really – you are going to start running into some joint stress issues. Whether it is from an injury, overuse or just a hard ride we all end up with sore, tight joints from time to time. And if left unchecked they can […]

The Science of Going Downhill Faster

While it doesn’t happen very often, sometimes the sports science world turns its eye on real mountain biking. Most studies for “cyclists” – which is really just a code word for road riding –are conducted in labs and on the road. This makes their application to the realities of trail riding somewhat limited, which is […]