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MTB Stability Push Up – The Best MTB Specific Push Up You Can Do

On your bike you have to do a push up type movement, making the Push Up one of the best MTB specific exercises you can do. However, there are a couple of specific things that make performing this movement on the bike different than doing a normal push up on the floor. The first is […]

Ramping Up Your Planks for Mountain Biking

The plank is one of the most popular core training exercises being used today. It is a great way to strengthen the entire core and helps riders improve their pedaling power and posture on the bike. And while holding a plank can be a challenge at first, eventually they start to get a little easy. […]

My (New) Top 3 MTB Core Training Exercises

Everybody loves a good core training exercise. A strong core can help you perform better and stay injury resistant, something every rider can benefit from. And while we’ve come a long way since the ‘80’s when crunches and side bends were the staple core training exercises, there are still a lot of core training exercises […]

Rowing Exercises to Improve Your Cornering Skills.

Over the last couple of years working with the Steel Mace I’ve been introduced to how important it is to be able to connect both sides of your body when pushing or pulling. Since the Steel Mace has an offset load that I’m holding with both hands, it forces me to counteract what I’m doing […]

Leg Raises – Why You Need Strong Hip Flexors for Mountain Biking.

One of the biggest mistakes I made early on with my core training for mountain biking was avoiding exercises that directly worked the hip flexors. These muscles are located in the front of the hip and act to pull the knee up towards the chest and they tend to be short and tight for most […]

Top 3 Exercises to Build Explosive Manualing & Bunny Hopping Strength for MTB

For most of us, moving with speed and power on the trails isn’t something that comes naturally. At first trying to use explosive strength is usually accompanied by a lot of flailing of limbs and a general lack of grace, which leads to the term “spastic” being used to describe your riding style. Eventually, though, […]

5 Kettlebell Swing Variations to Help Your Mountain Biking

There are few exercises I like as much as a good kettlebell swing. For a mountain biker, few exercises can come as close to riding your bike on a tough trail as a hard set of swings. You’re working your back, core and grip while building strength and high tension cardio. Add in the fact […]

Kneeling Inch Worm – A Unique Core Training Exercise for Mountain Biking

They say that desperation is the mother of invention and I totally agree.  For example, a while back I ran into this when I didn’t have an Ab Wheel for my kneeling rollouts. After thinking about it for a few minutes I finally decided to try it without the Ab Wheel and realized that I […]

How to instantly improve your hip strength with the Core Activated Glute Bridge.

Few movements are as important to us on the bike as having a good hip hinge. Being able to shift your hips back and letting your chest come down while keeping your core strong is essential to having a strong, efficient seated pedaling and a balanced Attack Position. However, it can be very easy to […]

Why you want to avoid the “Crossfit Swing” if you want to be a better mountain biker.

I love training with kettlebells. It doesn’t take long poking around on my site to figure that out and anyone who has been to my facility knows that I have more kettlebells than dumbbells. The unique benefits you get from them and the training methods used with them has really helped my riding and, through […]