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At Home Kettlebell Workout for MTB Using Isometrics and Hybrid Exercises

In this video I show you a great workout using a single kettlebell and two of my favorite training methods – Isometrics and Hybrid Exercises. This workout will build strength and MTB specific cardio in less than 30 minutes. Everyone know how valuable kettlebell training can be for mountain biking and by using these two […]

3 Free Workouts To Help You Stay Strong For The Trail & Life

When I first started this newsletter 15+ years ago, I never thought I would be sitting here writing an email about helping riders stuck inside due to a global pandemic. But, with pretty much everyone in the world being affected by the Coronavirus in some way that is what I find myself doing. First, the […]

MTB KB Conditioning v3 Black Friday Special

Attention MTB Riders: It’s Time To Talk About Effective Training And The MISTAKES That Most Riders Make. Let’s Start With This Lesson: Specific Training Programs PRODUCE Specific Training Results Let Me Explain Why That Generic “Fitness For Cyclists” Program (Or A New Bike) Isn’t Going To Improve Your Speed, Strength, Or Confidence On The Trails… […]

The 4 Quadrants of Tension

This is the MOST IMPORTANT concept I’ve ever come across in my 30 years of strength training. It has changed how I look at creating workouts and evaluating the value of training tools for different sports. Give me 10 minutes and I’ll change how you see working out as well… Until next time, Ride Strong, […]

The Off-Season Starts Now – New Workout of the Month For You to Download

For some riders, the term “off season” is a dirty word. They scoff at the idea of taking time off of their bike, especially if they live somewhere that they can ride all year round. But this attitude is usually the result of a misunderstanding of what an “off season” is. While there are a […]

MTB Stability Push Up – The Best MTB Specific Push Up You Can Do

On your bike you have to do a push up type movement, making the Push Up one of the best MTB specific exercises you can do. However, there are a couple of specific things that make performing this movement on the bike different than doing a normal push up on the floor. The first is […]