When I first created the DB Combos Workout Program the goal was simple – design a workout program that could be done with only a pair of adjustable dumbbells and did not require a lot of time and mental effort to figure out. I wanted to make mountain bike specific strength and conditioning available to every rider without the need to join a gym or have a lot of previous experience in the gym.

I know that, as a mountain biker, you have more important things to do than battle the masses at the gym or try and figure out a bunch of complicated exercises and routines. Judging by the immense popularity of the DB Combos Program and testimonials I have got from riders praising it I would have to say I accomplished that goal.

However, as many of you know I never content to rest on my past successes and as good as 3rd version of the program is, my never ending search for better, more refined training methods has once again led to the need to update the program. This new program retains the simplicity of the previous version while adding several subtle layers that will improve the results you are guaranteed to experience.

I plan on releasing the new version of this legendary program on the 24th but in the meantime I want to give you a chance to win a free copy of it when it is released. Simply leave a comment below either telling me why you love the DB Combos program and how you have benefited from it or, if you have not used it yet, why you want to get it and how you think it would change your riding.

I will be choosing a winner from those who leave a comment over the next 24 hours so don’t wait, the winner will be announced tomorrow morning here on the blog. Thanks again for all the support I have received from the mountain biking community over the years, it really keeps me motivated to continue to push the envelope with strength and conditioning programs designed for our unique sport.

-James Wilson-

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