There are so many things that go into being a great trail rider. Skills, cardio, strength and power are all things you need to ride faster, longer and with more confidence on the trail.

Mountain biking is a very unique sport and blindly applying training strategies from other sports won’t cut it. I know it makes some rider uncomfortable when I say this but mountain biking isn’t road riding on dirt and we need a different approach to handling the demands of the trail.

However, most of the advice you get as a rider to help you improve is heavily influences by the road cycling programs. From long hours in the saddle working on your “aerobic base” to the advice to just ride more, few coaches or other riders appreciate the power of a truly integrated training program designed for the unique demands of mountain biking to help them improve.

The truth is that by using a targeted mobility, strength and cardio program you can improve not only your fitness but your skills as well. This will improve your performance much faster than just focusing on your “cardio”.

With a program that teaches you to move better off the bike you will learn how to move better on the bike as well. The end result of a program like this is not only improved speed and endurance but also improved balance, body position and cornering as well.

You will become a more complete mountain biker, changing how you ride instead of simply adding more cardio fitness to the same old bad movement habits.

By fixing the bad movement habits you don’t even know are holding you back before building the strength and power of those improvemed movements is one of the secrets behind the success of riders who use the Ultimate MTB Workout Program. By improving your fitness and skills at the same time you can improve your trail riding tremendously is a very short period of time.

In fact, you may get some whispers behind your back about how you improved so fast.

Check out this feedback I got from a rider who says his fellow competitors must think he’s on EPO…

“Hi James,

Good to hear from you again. I am very happy to share feedback with you.

Basically its the best money I have ever spent on training. For too long I was going down the old school way of long endurance rides at the weekend, maybe some circuit training classes on the dark winter nights. Whereas this routine kept me fit it wasn’t taking me to the next level. I can confidently say that your program will.

At the minute I am currently in the middle of a winter xc series (one I do every year) and the improvement from last years series is staggering. These races only last an hour but are of a good standard and are pure intensity. The main difference I notice is that because of strength training there is no drop in performance coming near the end of the race, I think the other racers must think I’m on the EPO I’m going that well!!!

The workouts are very well presented by yourself via videos and very well explained and couldn’t be easier to follow.

What staggers me the most though is my mobility, now this was an area I wouldn’t even considered looking at and now looking back was a big weakness. I just cant believe how supple I am now just by a few simple exercises.

Keep up the excellent work James and I look forward to future programs. Your vision and passion is there to see and I’mso glad I invested in your work.”


As you can see from his feedback, he was following the traditional approach (i.e. road cycling inspired approach) but he was completely neglecting some very important areas like mobility and proper strength training. Once he started to address them with a truly integrated program his performance took off.

And while the Ultimate MTB Workout Program has all the tools you need to see results like this, I do have a set of “on-the-bike” cardio workouts I use to help riders take their cardio endurance to the next level that you may not know about. These workouts are only for those dedicated riders who are willing to put in a couple more hours each week in training to see the best results on the trail.

The Specialized Energy System Development (ESD) Programs are 24 week cardio plans based on what type of riding you do.

The three categories are…

  • Super D/ Enduro/ Trail Riding
  • DH/ 4X/ Dual Slalom
  • XC Racing

Each plan has an 8 week Base, an 8 week Power Endurance and an 8 week Peaking block, giving you th 24 week blueprint you need to put an edge on your cardio like never before.

While I usually charge $47 to get access to this these Specialized Energy System Development Programs I’ll give them to you for FREE this week when you get a copy of the Ultimate MTB Workout Program. I just want to give you a little extra incentive to take the plunge and invest in the most important competent on the bike…you!

Just click on the link below to learn more about how the Ultimate MTB Workout Program can help you improve your skills and fitness so you can ride faster, longer and with more confidence on the trail. After you get your copy shoot me an email to with your receipt and I’ll send you your FREE copy of the Specialized Energy System Development Programs.

Click here to learn more about how the Ultimate MTB Workout Program can help you improve your fitness and skills so you can ride faster, longer and with more confidence on the trail.

I’ll be in touch on Wednesday with a new video showing you some shoulder position tips that will improve your stability and upper body position on the trail. It will also save a lot of wear and tear on your shoulders as well so make sure that you check it out when I post it.

In the meantime, be sure to grab a copy of the Ultimate MTB Workout Program so you can get your FREE copy of my Specialized Energy Systems Development Programs. Just shoot me an email with your receipt after you get it and I’ll hook you up with the 24 week training plan you need to help you ride like a trail slaying machine… or at least better than you are now ;-).

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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