First of all I want to say thanks to everyone who took the time to enter the comment contest. There were a lot of great posts and I’m humbled to see how much the DB Combos Program has helped so many riders over the years.

Just for the record, I used a random number generator to pick the winners – there are way too many great comments for me to choose – and those 5 lucky riders will get a free copy of the new DB Combos Program v5.


Here are the winners, they will find a reply from me to their post telling them how to claim their prize:

– Chris Stefos

– Bike Ridin Schooter

– Chris Boscoe

– Lindsey

– HD

I also wanted to let you know about a special deal I’m offering to celebrate this update to my DB Combos Program. But first, I want to explain a bit more about why I created this program in the first place.

My original goal was simple – design a workout program that could be done with only a pair of adjustable dumbbells and did not require a lot of time and mental effort to figure out.

I wanted to make mountain bike specific strength and conditioning available to every rider without the need to join a gym or have a lot of previous strength training experience. I know that, as a mountain biker, you have more important things to do than battle the masses at the gym or try and figure out a bunch of complicated exercises and routines.

And judging by the immense popularity of the DB Combos Program and testimonials I have got from riders praising it I would have to say I accomplished that goal. It is a simple but versatile workout that has proven to be the perfect workout solution for…

– Riders who need an In-Season Training program that doesn’t leave them too sore and tired to ride.

– Riders who travel a lot and need a workout they can do with the equipment found in most hotel gyms.

– Riders who don’t have experience with strength training and need a simple workout they can easily understand and follow.

– Riders who can’t afford a gym membership and need to train at home with minimal equipment.

The 12 Week DB Combos Program has already helped thousands of riders improve their speed and endurance on the trail. It has helped everyone from weekend warriors to World Cup pros in a wide variety of disciplines from DH, XC and Enduro to regular trail riders.

However, as great as the current version of the program is my never ending search for better training methods has led to the need to update it. This new program retains the simplicity of the previous version while adding several subtle layers that will improve the results you’ll see on the trail.

Keep in mind too that I have improved all of these areas while remaining true to my original goal of creating a simple dumbbell based routine that can be easily be done at home in 45 minutes or less. This makes it easy to get 2-4 workouts in each week and only invest 1.5 – 3 hours of your time, which is especially important during the riding season when you don’t have a lot of time and energy for strength training.

The best part is that you can upgrade to this all new and expanded training program for only $29. You’ll get the entire DB Combos Program v5 program and all of these bonus workouts for over 25% off the regular price…but this special deal is only available through this weekend.

Click here to get to the new DB Combos Program v5 plus $224 worth of bonuses for only $29.

The new DB Combos Program v5 contains:

– An all new Combo Drill and a new DB/ Bodyweight Cardio Circuit. One of the best things I’ve learned lately is how to better target both shorter, intense cardio efforts and longer “grind” efforts. This is why I am now using a Combo Drill in one workout and a DB/ Bodyweight Circuit in the other. The new DB/ Bodyweight Circuit combines DB and bodyweight exercises into a seamless flow that allows you to safely and effectively the longer cardio efforts while the trusty Combo Drills help improve those shorter bursts.

– An all new warm up and mobility program. This new program is based on the latest stuff I have learned over the last year to help you move and feel better, leading to better quality workouts and long term results. This new routine includes new mobility drills that address the common problem areas from hours spent in the saddle, namely the shoulders and hips. This new routine will have you moving better and experiencing less pain, helping you ride longer with less wear and tear on your body.

– Two new strength training circuits. The exercises in the program where chosen because they are the most efficient at addressing MTB specific single leg strength, upper body strength and core strength. These new strength training circuits will have you crushing the pedals even harder and find yourself even more prepared to handle whatever the trail throws at you.

New video demos detailing the Warm Up/ Mobility Routine, Strength Training Circuits, Combo Drills and Training Logs. You will know exactly what to do and how to get the most out of each exercise with these new video demos – it is like having me personally walk you through how to read the training logs and taking you through your workout program so you don’t have to guess at anything. In fact, I set it up so that you can literally be starting your first workout within 15 minutes of downloading the program.

Plus, along with getting the new DB Combos Program v5 you’ll get these bonuses as well:

– All 4 previous versions of the DB Combos Program ($156 value). I rarely make these past versions available. Each one of the previous versions is unique and presents different challenges, giving you over a years’ worth of dumbbell workouts.

– The MTB Mobility Program/ Follow Along Routines ($29 value). These 6 simple 15 minute Follow-Along routines will instantly improve your mobility, letting you perform at a higher level with less pain. Just click play on these follow-along videos as I show you how to go beyond stretching to unlock your stiff joints and find a new way to move on your bike.

– The Time Crunched Trail Rider ($39 value). This 12 week dumbbell program features 30 minute follow-along workout videos. Just hit play and follow along at home as I lead you through your workout. I show you what to do and do it with you as we complete the workouts together, making sure you know exactly what to do and have the encouragement to do it.

That’s over $260 worth of ride changing programs for only $29. Plus you have nothing to lose with my 60 Day No-Questions-Asked Guarantee – if you aren’t sure that this program is right for you then just let me know and I’ll refund your entire investment.

For less than you’d spend on a chain for your bike you’ll get 7 programs that are guaranteed to help you have more fun on the trail. But this special deal is only available through Sunday. So click on the link below and get instant access to all of this and put the new DB Combos Program v5 to work for you.

Click here to get to the new DB Combos Program v5 plus $224 worth of bonuses for only $29.

I’m confident that you’ll love this workout as much as I do. Sometimes you need a simple but brutally effective workout program that still targets the things we need as mountain bikers and that’s exactly what this program delivers.

And now is the perfect time to add it to your toolbox.

This program is a great deal at the regular price and you’ll regret missing out on at this special price of only $29 with all of these bonuses. Act now and click on the link above before this deal ends and let the new DB Combos Program v5 help you ride with faster, longer and with more confidence on the trail!

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

MTB Strength Training Systems

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