First, I want to say thanks to everyone who entered the comment contest. It was inspiring to see how many riders have already benefitted from kettlebell training and how many want to add it to their programs.

As promised, I have picked 5 people to win a free copy of the new MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program v3 Release Package valued at over $350.  I also picked one winner of the Grand Prize valued at over $750, which includes access to every program I have plus a 30 minute Skype coaching call.

Grand Prize Winner – Nick

Winner #1 – Kathy Baker Schut

Winner #2 – Shiloh Wolfe

Winner #3 – Steve

Winner #4 – Dave G

Winner #5 – GT5050

Now, even if you didn’t win I still have something for you. But first, let me tell how kettlebell training has helped me…

Like I’ve said a million times before, I am not a “natural rider” and I spent a LOT of time being tossed over the handlebars and playing catch-up after climbs. I still remember wrecking trying to jump off a curb and getting smoked up climbs by a guy on a downhill bike.

But I also remember 1) having the time of my life getting spanked by the trail and 2) thinking to myself that if other riders could ride faster then so could I. I just need to improve my skills and fitness and I’d be able to ride like them as well.

That was the spark that started it all for me – a burning desire to learn the best ways to improve my riding so I could have even more fun and possibly wreck a little less as well. That search has lead me across the country and seen me invest tens of thousands of dollars to get access to the best coaches and information possible.10846434_10152503269721720_9212936721706131439_n

And it was during this search I came across the kettlebell. While it took me a little while to warm up to them, once I got my hands on one I knew my training was going to change dramatically for three reasons.

First, the movements you use with kettlebell training translate over to the bike better than any other training tool I’ve found. When I started using the kettlebell as the cornerstone of my training I saw my technical skills improve dramatically. From standing and seated pedaling to body position and cornering, every movement skill you need as a rider is targeted during kettlebell training.

Second, kettlebell training allows you to target the types of strength and strength endurance we need on the trail. The trail is a dynamic place that requires a unique blend of strength, power and endurance and the kettlebell lets us target those things like no other training tool can.

Third, kettlebell training doesn’t require a lot of time or space. You can get a single kettlebell, store it in the corner of your house and get in a killer workout when it fits your schedule. This makes it easy to keep up with your training even when things get hectic in your “real life”.

After getting great results for myself and my clients with kettlebell training I wanted to share what I had learned with my fellow riders. And that is why I created my original MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program.

But, as good as the current Kettlebell Conditioning Program is, I also know that there is always room for improvement. Over the last few years I’ve learned some new exercises and methods that deliver even better results.

It is because of the addition of these new exercises and methods I have found it necessary to update the MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program.

Today I’m releasing this new updated version and I wanted to give you the chance to get it for $29 (that’s 25% off the regular price) plus I’m including over $300 in free bonuses as well.

Click here to get the new MTB KB Conditioning Program v3 plus 5 bonuses worth over $300 for just $29

To help you get the most out of your kettlebell training program this all new version includes:

– New Follow Along Warm Ups: These new mobility drills are designed to systematically target each joint in the body to help get you warmed up and mobilized. With the new follow along videos all you have to do is hit play and follow me as I get you ready for a great workout.

– New Kettlebell & Bodyweight Workouts: By combining the power of kettlebell and bodyweight exercises you’ll gain better body awareness, balance and strength while increasing your overall athleticism. With a strong focus on crawling/ ground skills and the basic kettlebell exercises these new workouts will take your results to another level. I also include a video demo of each workout showing you how to do the exercises and going over the workout in detail.

– New Follow Along Post-Workout Decompression Flows: Brand new for this program, these mobility flows are designed to help open up the shoulders, chest and hips after a hard workout. By taking a few minutes to go through a Decompression Flow you can speed up recovery, which will equal better results over time.

And during the release of the new MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program v3 I’m also going to be including these bonuses:

– Advanced Kettlebell Workout Collection ($99 value): I’ve included these 6 workouts to help you take your kettlebell training to the next level. With more advanced exercises and training methods, these workouts are not for those starting out with kettlebell training but are a perfect “next step” for those who know their way around the ‘bell.

– The Previous 2 Versions of the MTB KB Conditioning Program ($78 value): While I’m updating this workout series that doesn’t mean the previous versions aren’t still some great workouts. I don’t make old versions available very often so this is a great time to get the whole collection.

– The Time Crunched Trail Rider 90 Day Follow Along Workout Videos ($49 value): Sometimes you just want to hit play and follow along as someone leads you through your workout. And for times like that I’m including this 90-day workout series. With follow along videos for each part of the workout plus some exclusive lessons on skills training, nutrition and mindset this program is a great addition to any kettlebell lovers’ toolbox.

– The MTB No Gym No Problem Bodyweight Workout Program ($39 value): While we all love kettlebells, sometimes you have to train without your trusty companion. Travel and real life sometimes keep us from our regular workout routines and having a program that requires nothing but your bodyweight is a must have for every rider who wants to stay consistent with their training.

– The MTB Mobility Package ($39 value): While your strength and power are important, your mobility levels determine how well you can move on and off the bike. Better movement equals better balance and skills on the bike and fewer aches and pains as well. With this series of targeted follow along mobility drill videos and an updated stretching manual you’ll be able to improve your mobility to unlock another level of performance.

All together these 5 bonuses cover 18 months of training and are worth over $300, but you can get them all for free as part of this special deal that ends on Sunday.

So the choice is yours – if you’d like to get the all new MTB Kettlebell Conditioning Program v3 for just $29 and get these 5 bonuses worth over $300 for FREE then click on the link below. But please know that this deal won’t last long and ends on Sunday.

Click here to get the new MTB KB Conditioning Program v3 plus 5 bonuses worth over $300 for just $29

Thanks again to everyone who entered the comment contest and I hope that this new kettlebell program is able to help even more rider enjoy mountain biking even more. If you have any questions or problems ordering this new program let me know and I look forward to hearing what you think about it.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

MTB Strength Training System

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