One of the interesting side effects of the growth of podcasting is that I’ve had the chance to go on more shows to share my views on training and riding. Since I love to talk about those things it has been a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you as they come out.

My latest podcast interview was on the Cycling in Alignment Podcast. The host Colby Pierce and I had a great discussion about the real value of a bike fit, the value of standing pedaling and why you need to focus more on applying functional movement to the bike than on latest equipment trends.

You can find the podcast on iTunes or any of the major podcast platforms. Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts on what we discussed.

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Ride Strong,

James Wilson

One thought on “Cycling in Alignment Podcast Interview

  1. Fisher says:

    I have your catalyst pedals and REALLY like them. My feet are MUCH happier. I am a 60 year old rider and I ride cross country. I have found that now I naturally ride with my mid-foot over the axle of the crank(OK), but now my butt is riding on the front of the saddle. During sustained level riding it is a subtle difference and not really a problem, but if I am climbing I end up on the nose of the saddle. Should I embrace this and move the saddle forward, or maybe shorten my stem to move me back a little.

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